1W1L : Paris Eternal’s First Week of OWL Season 3


Busy weekend for French fans of Overwatch! Paris Eternal has debuted in Season 3 with their new, revamped hybrid roster. This week they played two games in the XL Weekend homestand in New York City. 

VS Toronto Defiant : 1-3 (DEFEAT)

Fans got a hell of a surprise when the starting roster stepped on stage for the first game of 2020. Two main tanks, no SoOn, FDGod playing instead of Kruise…? At the Rooster Club viewing party, you could hear the whisper go through the room, everyone second-guessing the coaching staff’s sanity. 

The tank issue couldn’t really be helped, between Smex’s continued absence and HanBin’s youth preventing him from stepping on stage for at least 2 more weeks. Paris made the best of a bad situation, adapting a comp that was played by several other teams and playing to their personal strengths. It’s no secret that BenBest’s best hero is Reinhardt, and NoSmite plays a decent Orisa, so that was one issue solved. The only real disadvantage caused by this comp was the lack of D.Va and the resulting absence of a matrix. Toronto had Nevix to swallow Blizzards and Dragons, but Paris was a free target for any ults.

Xzi had been the dark horse of the team, relatively unknown next to the star power on the previous Element Mystic roster. Everyone doubted his hero pool and whether or not he could hold up in power levels until Sp9rk1e was old enough to show why he was such a highly sought-after player this off-season. He put those doubts to rest Saturday night, with a masterful performance on many heroes — including Symmetra, the cheesy pick of the week that won them the first Lijiang map quite handily. 

Paris put up a good fight against Toronto, never getting rolled. Sadly, they weren’t quite powerful enough to stand up to Surefour and his dreaded Reaper. They showed synergy between the players and a few sparks of excitement. This gave glimpses of what could come once the full roster is assembled.

VS London Spitfire : 3-0 (VICTORY) 

London was a bit of a question mark for many people, composed of a group of mostly unknown players. Somehow, they took a map off NYXL and made them work for their victory. In front of a hostile crowd no less. 

Paris showed a dominant performance against them, once again aligning the same starting roster. NiCOgdh continued to remind people he was on the team for a reason, notably with a remarkable play that saved BenBest, against all odds. 

He’s a solid flex DPS, covering many of the hero pool holes that Paris might’ve feared otherwise. This makes him an asset they’ll be able to rely on once the hero bans are implemented.

The next break-out star was FDGod. Until now, the young Lucio prodigy had been another unknown for Paris, but not for the same reason. Visa issues only allowed him to board a plane for New York a few days before the game. With no practice time and a potentially horrendous jet lag, would he play? We shouldn’t have worried. The boop master was there and present, as the stats below prove. 

The only issue is whether his highly aggressive, aerial playstyle could become a weakness, leaving Paris with essentially one healer. Depending on the situation and whether or not he can switch styles to adapt, FDGod could be the secret weapon no one expected out of Paris.

Last note on the London game: BenBest did show some interesting flexibility, pulling out a surprise Sigma on King’s Row to help the team attack. Considering some call him Rein one-trick, that’s a neat new trick that could prove useful later on.

Week 1 take-aways : 

Paris players hold 3 of the 5 number 1 spots in terms of stats for Week 1. There’s definite potential here, the team is gelling nicely and holding its own. HanBin’s arrival will solve most of the bigger issues (comp flexibility and more options to counter opposing team metas). More time to practice (good news there, Paris has a bye week) will help integrate him into the team. 

Paris fans have a lot to be hopeful about, and I for one can’t wait to see them take the stage in Washington DC. In order to make up for them going up against the home team, fans are going to have to cheer extra loud! 

Catch them on Sunday 23rd of February at 1 AM, Paris time ! #FiatLux 

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