A Future with Fate

With rumors of Main Tank player Fate transferring to the Shanghai Dragons the fanbase begins to wonder. How important is Fate to the Mayhem?

Florida’s Best Tank Player

Courtesy: Florida Mayhem

Through Mayhem’s short two year history, no Main Tank has shown greater raw talent that Fate has. Of course, the contest for the Mayhem’s best Tank player is not very hard to compete in. From a sub-par to a bad to the worst Main Tank in the league, the Florida Mayhem never really had a good Main Tank player before Fate came along. Despite the fact that Fate is the Florida Mayhem’s best main tank, fans wonder should he be with the Mayhem next season?

Remembering the 2018 World Cup

Courtesy: ESPN

Out of all the Korean Main Tanks in the league, Fate was chosen to represent his country for the 2018 Overwatch World Cup. His performance on Winston and Hammond was legendary and made him a perfect fit with the meta. Even when he had to flex on Orisa he still performed to the benefit of his team. After the 4-0 victory over team China, Fate made himself out to be a staple Main Tank for next season.

Record with the Valiant

Courtesy: HotSpawn

Fate’s track record is a sight to see. Last season he finished 2nd in eliminations per 10 minutes and 8th in the least amount of deaths per 10 minutes among Main Tanks. Fate had portrayed himself to the league as an aggressive Main Tank that would always go in for the kill. This aggressive playstyle was heavily favored in the dive meta at the time. Thanks to his ability to carry as Reinhardt, he was able to boost his team to a Stage 4 final win and 2nd seed in the general playoffs.

Courtesy: Daily Esports

When the second season started, Fate’s performance fell to its lowest point. The new meta for season two did not favor a solo aggressive style of play as dive did. With a meta that was more reliant on team play than on solo performance, Fate Started to fall apart. After a heartbreaking 0-7 stage, the Valiant had to make some radical changes. That change was a much heavier reliance on English speaking players. The Valiant wanted a change in direction for the future of the org. Unfortunately, a future without Fate.

Making Some Mayhem

Courtesy: Florida Mayhem

When Fate arrived at the Mayhem, they were a mess. From a mixed roster hopeful to a husk of that vision, Fate knew he had a bumpy road ahead. Fate’s arrival gave a boost of joy to a fanbase that was losing hope in the org’s ability to create a winning team. Florida’s track record on selecting rosters is the worst in the league and created abominations that couldn’t get more than 7 wins in one season. Despite Fate’s lacking performance with the Valiant, he gave an amazing performance with the Mayhem. While it’s not enough to give the Mayhem wins, it was a lot better than Swon diving.

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

After a great stage 4 performance, Fate is looking up to the future. With a new coaching staff and much-desired training, Fate seems to have a bright future ahead of himself. Along with his experience and mistakes that were made with the Valiant, Fate is looking to be a major threat to his opponents. With Blizzard finally implementing radical change in recent patches, we might see a meta that will favor Fate’s aggressive playstyle. Just like picking up a 2-2-2 role lock roster in a GOATS meta is a gamble, we will have to see if Blizzard is competent in their upcoming patches.

If We Sell Fate Who Will Take His Place?

Courtesy: Liquipedia

When taking the offseason into consideration, there are a few major prospects that could replace Fate. The prospects that come to mind are from Korea’s current power 4 teams 02 Blast, Gen G, Element Mystic, and Runaway. Kaiser, Oberon, and AlphA are players suitable to replace Fate. Mag, unfortunately, is under 18 and will not be eligible until June. However, if the Mayhem cannot secure 1 of these 3 players, then, by all means, keep Fate. Most, if not all, rosters in OWL want to keep their current Main Tank players and NA contenders is a trash heap for Korean talent. Do we really want another Swon running around with the Mayhem?

Final thoughts

Fate is a player that has had a few ups and downs throughout his two-year career. Even though his superstar 2018 season is over, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. As fans, we grow attachments to these players and hate to see them go. However, just like the former Misfits roster, Mayhem build rosters to win not for fanservice.

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