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Where do OWL fans talk about OWL?

On the one hand, there are plenty of esports sites regurgitating the same OWL copypasta of press releases, scores, trades, patch updates, and meta breakdowns. These interchangeable sites don’t engage nor attract fans.

But on the other hand, OWL fan communities exist all over the internet across various Facebook groups, sub-Reddits, Discord servers, and Twitter #threads. Unfortunately, many fans don’t have the knowledge or time to navigate all these disparate areas.

That’s where Watchpoint: Lobby comes in. Our team of writers are culled from each team’s fan community. They are fans first and writers second. When it comes to their team, they are ride or die. They go down with the ship. It’s they and their team against the world. One team (their team) to rule them all. Objectivity and balance thrown aside – only passion and energy here.

OWL fans, get ready for all the salt, shade, hot takes, memes, and shenanigans for your favorite team. The fans are running the asylum. Pog.

Meet the Team

Each writer for Watchpoint: Lobby was picked from an OWL team’s fan community. They are dedicated fans of their team and have no problem telling you why. Cross them (or their team) and you may find yourself booped off the map before you can say C9.


Founder & EIC
Writer- Boston Uprising

After spending a year writing about the Boston Uprising for a local Boston sports site, Greg grew tired of the stale attempts at esports journalism he saw. There needed to be a place where fans could passionately write about their team, objectivity be damned. And if you can’t find it, then build it.

Thomas Howland


Born and raised in MA, Tom went to school at Cornell University for Hotel Administration.  Today he is a stay at home Dad with four kids and lovely wife.  As he’s gotten older he’s gotten into writing and editing, now working for Believeinbostonsports.com, razzball.com, and watchpointlobby.com.

Amanda Druck


Amanda is a writer, editor, educator, and all-round nerd from Melbourne, Australia. She has a passion for youth-oriented media and spent her literature degree eschewing the classics in favor of video games, superhero movies and “trashy” young adult fiction. She loves crafting, cat memes and playing off-meta heroes in Overwatch.

Toronto Defiant Logo


Editor and Writer – Toronto Defiant

Thinkhard is one of Watchpoint: Lobby’s most senior Overwatch League analysts. Thinkhard has covered Overwatch and the OWL since before the league’s official conception. For Watchpoint, Thinkhard covers the Toronto Defiant as well as fantasy Overwatch, although primarily working as one of our editors. An avid esports (and traditional sport) fan, Thinkhard spends his free time playing, watching, and writing about video games. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram, as well as here at Watchpoint: Lobby. #YNWA

Tyler Brown

Writer – Vancouver Titans

Tyler lives in Ohio and is a big Vancouver Titans fan! He originally played Overwatch on console in Season 1 and eventually upgraded to a PC to improve his gameplay. He played in his University’s eSports program and competed in TESPA tournaments. He had the opportunity to go to Grand Finals 2019 and had an absolute blast and is excited about the new season and the homestand format.

Ian Leggoe

Writer – Florida Mayhem

If you want a rowdy fan that brings the hype to the crowd no matter how bad the team is, then Ian is your guy. Ever since he was little he has always been a die-hard sports fan cheering for teams like the Carolina Panthers and Hurricanes. The moment OWL was announced he hopped right on the bandwagon and cheered on the Florida Mayhem. He knows the team is rough on the edges but, true fans never quit on their region even if they come from a state that has been known for awful sports teams.

Brent “Brentski” Jordan

Writer – Philadelphia Fusion

An Orlando local, Brent was nominated as the general captain for his school’s esports team and the head editor for his school’s morning newscast this year. He’s excited to join the team at Watchpoint: Lobby and cover the Philadelphia Fusion.

Tyler ‘Apollo’ van Lamoen

Writer – Hangzhou Spark

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Tyler is a passionate esports fan who has supported the Spark since their inception. He has been playing Overwatch since beta and swapped to PC in early 2019. When not writing or playing Overwatch, you can find him playing basketball or making music. He hopes to provide a unique fan insight to the Spark, providing content that finds a balance between analytics and fan spirit. You can find him on Twitter @ApolloOCE.

Brandon Oakes

Writer – Atlanta Reign

While he may be from Pittsburgh, Brandon is very familiar with Atlanta.  He has been playing Overwatch since the beta and hasn’t shown any signs of stopping.  He currently plays on the Hotlanta Sauce Squad as their off tank and support line.  He travels as much as he can to Atlanta, and was at their Homestand this year as well as the Grand Finals. He will be at both Atlanta Homestands next year as well and the events in Philadelphia and possibly Washington D.C.  His passion for the game and the league shows no bounds and can’t wait to share his love for the Reign with you all.

Kenji Yoshida

Writer – San Francisco Shock

Kenji “Shogun” Yoshida is a graduate of Cogswell College in San Jose, California and is the co-owner of a Grandmaster-Top 500 Overwatch team. He specializes in macro-level coaching and analysis for Tier 3 Overwatch teams and looks to the San Francisco Shock as an example of the results of macro-level play. Kenji has been a Shock fan since day one and continues to fly their flag, and also assists with operations for their local events in the Bay Area. If you love the mind games that are employed by OWL teams during the season, Kenji probably loves it far more.

Seth “Sez” Ezbicki

Writer – Houston Outlaws

As main host of the OpTic ToPic podcast, Sez has followed the Outlaws from before the announcement of the team. His love for video games and esports comes from his sibling rivalry with his 3 brothers. He had a tough time keeping up with his older brothers in physical games, but gaming is where he was dominant. He’s been a fan of the esports scene since he saw the esports TV show Madden Nation which aired on ESPN 2 from 2005-2008. He will break down the smallest detail and describe why that had the biggest impact. He loves explaining sports and esports to anybody that will listen.

Nathan “CableKurugi” Lin

Writer – Los Angeles Gladiators

Nathan is a graduate of Clemson University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and works as a
Transmission Planning Engineer based in Mississippi. At OW related events, you may know him as the East Coast Hydration Man aka “Water Bottle Guy” featured on OWL Instagram. He went to high school with Lane “Surefour” Roberts! He likes going to conventions interacting with different nerdy communities. He
went to both OWL Grand Finals, Blizzcon 2018, and Atlanta Homestand 2019, and has made many friends along the way. Follow him on his Twitter @Ckurugi .

Logan Mackinnon

Writer – Washington Justice

Despite Logan thinking they weren’t going to be an Overwatch League fan, they can easily say their life revolves around it. Even as going as far as to planning a trip to Burbank just to visit the Blizzard Arena before it was gone for good, OWL has become their main and favorite interest. As a Massachusetts native but now Houston local it may come as a surprise to find out they are Washington Justice super fan, loving the team for their positive attitudes and wholesome friendships. Coming from a brief career in music journalism they’ve always wanted to be able to write about their love for all things Overwatch League and Justice.

Logan Rowe

Writer – Washington Justice

Logan, a Junior in highschool, is a big fan of the Washington Justice and an even bigger fan of OWL! Usually playing Overwatch on Xbox, Logan is a masters DPS and plays almost everyday. He hopes to use Watchpoint: Lobby as a way to gain some Journalism experience for a future career! His twitter is @itsnoviak

Jamie “jammy_dodger” Sanderson

Writer – London Spitfire

Born in England, Jamie has both played and spectated Overwatch since the APEX days. A huge fan of London Spitfire, Jamie can be found either trying to pretend he is Fury on D.Va, watching shows on Netflix or horribly procrastinating his time away. This is his first foray into writing, so please be gentle with him and give as much constructive criticism and feedback as possible! If you wish to contact him his twitter is @jammy_dodger29.

Matt ‘SubCorn’ Lantz

Writer – Philadelphia Fusion

Matt “SubCorn” Lantz is a PA local who grew up in the suburbs just 45 minutes away from Philadelphia. He first played Overwatch at Pax East and has been hooked on the game ever since. The Overwatch league sparked his excitement for esports, and loves telling others about it. He’s tried to make it to as many Philly meet ups as possible as well as both grand finals, and cannot wait for this seasons homestands. Being a college student, he always makes time for Overwatch and can’t wait for the 2020 season to start. 

Lauren “Daebakowl” Olson

Writer – Shanghai Dragons

Born in South Korea, but raised in Minnesota, Daebakowl went to school for english, education, and communication. She has followed esports for a while, but mostly in the Korean scene. She is a Seoul Dynasty and Gen G enthusiast and die hard fan.

Nicholas “Yami” Boroski

Writer – LA Valiant

Nick is a Philosophy major at the University of California, Irvine. When he isn’t studying, Nick spends most of his time writing, speaking, playing video games, and watching ESports! The day the 12 inaugural teams were revealed, Nick knew he was an LA Valiant fan. From his location in SoCal, to his love of Green and Gold, the roster, the team message, the name, and of course the awesome logo, this team felt like it was MADE for Nick. For the past two years, Nick has been a member of an amazing community of Overwatch Fans, and now, Nick is excited to be able to add to that community! Thanks for reading, and Wings Out!

Cutter “APTR” Bell

Writer – Chengdu Hunters

APTR is an OWL fan first and a writer second, but both of those above all else. He’s been following esports for as long as esports have been easily accessible. When Overwatch came out, he quickly grabbed onto it and Overwatch League and hasn’t let go since. This esports fascination led even to a full-fledged research project about the view of esports in the public eye. He’s excited to share his thoughts on the Hunters with everyone!

Josh ‘Siarnaq’ Sharp

Writer – London Spitfire

Siarnaq (sigh-r-nack) is a writer and macro coach with a passion in overwatch. Josh is based in the UK going to university studying the art of writing. A writer for the spitfire he fell in love with the team after the roster announcement was a combination of his two favourite teams from Apex GC Busan and Kongdoo panthera. Now present working for the watchpoint lobby to try and bring the best content possible to the spitfire engineers and every fan everywhere.

Steve “Plus” Freeman

Writer – New York Excelsior

Steve has been a New York sports fan since his Grandfather brought him to his first Knicks game in 2006. About 10 years later, he watched Counter Strike on cable television and saw the potential for the growth and development of eSports. In 2017, after months of playing Overwatch at an Internet Cafe in Fort Lee, NJ, he learned that New York would have their own Overwatch team in the newly formed Overwatch League, owned and operated by Sterling.VC, who also own the New York Mets. Despite being a Yankee fan, it was obvious that this was his team, and has supported them since, making new friends, including the 5 Deadly Venoms, He has attended both OWL Grand Finals in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, and plans to continue attending at least until NYXL wins the OWL Championship. #EverUpward


Writer – London Spitfire

Jack is a computer science student in the north east of England. Supporting the Spitfire since the begging of OWL. He’s hoping to give a good insight into living as a Spitfire fan, both the goods and the bads. He hopes he can bring a smile to someone’s face. Find him @Jackt6374 on twitter.

Michael Gove

Writer – Dallas Fuel

Michael is a graduate of Texas A&M – Corpus Christi with a Bachelors of Arts & Humanities. He has worked with different populations within the mental health system in the state of Texas for over a decade. Being a fan of competitive Overwatch, he was excited when the Overwatch League was revealed and started to get involved within the community. He has attended several World Cup Finals at Blizzcon and the Dallas Fuel Homestand Weekend in 2019.

Alexander “Arcalight” Fuller

Writer – LA Gladiators

Alex, a highschool junior, was born in Los Angeles, California before moving to Dallas, Texas when he was younger.He spent much of his early years playing and fascinating over games. When Overwatch launched, he played from Beta to season 15 on Console, then with the announce of Role Que, made the swap to PC. His love for the Gladiators is only rivaled by his love for writing.


Writer – Paris Eternal

You can’t be French and fan of Overwatch without cheering for Paris Eternal – and as such, Gaila’s the quintessential Paris fan: a Frenchwoman who’ll scream her lungs out at the Homestands, and has mastered all variations of SoOoOoOn you can possibly imagine. Community translator in her spare time, she’s also working with the Rooster Club (Paris Eternal’s supporter’s club) to share the magic of esports in her local community.

Shawn “Germanicus” Heerema

Writer – LA Valiant

Shawn has a love of 2 things: writing and esports. In his last year of highschool, Shawn is looking to pursue journalism as a career, and writing at Watchpoint is a great way to start that. And writing about something he loves no less! When not at home fragging, Shawn can be found at the hockey rink, reading a book, or watching the Valiant pull off yet another “upset”. Find him on twitter: @HeeremaShawn



Writer – Guangzhou Charge

Dinger is currently studying Linguistics at a University in the South of England. Since their reveal in 2018, he has been an avid supporter of the Guangzhou Charge. Through thick and thin, he could be found obsessing over their insane plays and thinking about how they could improve in the future. Having started playing Overwatch on console at its launch, he has remained an addict to it’s one of a kind gameplay for the last three years. Dinger was incredibly hyped to hear about the launch of the League, having always been a fan of esports. Contact him @Dinger#6593 on Discord.


Writer – San Francisco Shock

RoyalPhoenix has been religiously following the Competitive Overwatch scene since December 2017. A huge SF Shock fan, he has had the opportunity to volunteer for them as a brand ambassador for multiple fan events across both seasons of Overwatch League

Tom ‘Madrizzle1’ Miles

Writer – Philadelphia Fusion

Born in England, and having moved to the US at 25, Tom “Madrizzle1” Miles has seen the best of both worlds. He now lives in St Louis with his wife & two dogs.  Currently, he co-hosts the Hero Recall Podcast and creates educational Overwatch-based content over at herorecall.com. He is a huge Philly fan—thanks to Boombox—and can’t wait to see the UK Mafia step up to the plate in 2020. He also enjoys reading horror by Junji Ito and HP Lovecraft. You can reach out to Tom @HeroRecallOW on Twitter.”


Writer – Dallas Fuel

Born at the age of zero in Dallas, Texas, Curtis is a massive homer for any professional sports team from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. After being introduced to Overwatch during the beta by a friend, he has grown from a casual Tracer one-trick to the manager and main tank for an amateur team in Elo Hell’s Git Gud series. Currently working as a junior web/mobile developer, he spends his free time pursuing interests such as gaming, playing music, cooking, and now, writing for Watchpoint: Lobby. He can be reached on Discord at Omesta#2366.

Dylan ‘Dyl’ Campbell

Writer – Washington Justice

Dylan, a Virginia native, recently graduated college with a Political Science major and three minors. He initially became involved in the Overwatch scene by co-founding a grandmaster team, for which he played main support (shoutout to the Capybaras). Dylan loves esports – Overwatch, Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Smash Ultimate are his favorite to watch. He is excited to be a writer for the Washington Justice, and hopes to bring some insight to the Watchpoint: Lobby staff. Fun fact: Dylan used to be a competitive Yu-Gi-Oh player, even going to the national championship in 2015! Follow Dylan on Twitter @ImDylanC. 

Pietro ’21’ Polenghi

Writer – Dallas Fuel

Having honed his gaming skills in the PvP arenas of Minecraft, Pietro stepped into the Overwatch community looking for a taste of what the rapidly evolving esports community had to offer. Hungry for competition, he followed the birth of the Overwatch esports and still reminisces about Taimou’s Dorado jumpshot on Bunny. As a previous fan of Envy, Pietro closely followed their transition into the Dallas Fuel. Although their reputation as one of the best teams in the world fell flat, he stuck with them through two rough seasons and is now adamant that, however badly it may age, this season is the one. In his spare time, he “terrorises” the competitive ladder with his flank shatters and his reluctant yet trusty duo, “22”. 

Josh “Direwolf” Raksa

Writer – Seoul Dynasty

Josh is a young Brazilian boy, 21 years old, graduated in Journalism, passionate about overwatch and now gladly writing about the subject he loves. He likes to go outside, practice sports, then go home to play videogame and complain about his internet. Maybe one day he will win a prize for his journalist skills, so watch out for the articles of this ambitious kid.  

Erica ‘Sonyeo’ Yi

Writer – Vancouver Titans

Erica lives in the Pacific Northwest and has a B.A. in English Literature. She has been following esports since 2017 after accidentally stumbling upon a clip of OGN’s Overwatch APEX Season 2. She grew to adore RunAway and naturally became a Vancouver Titans fan.


Writer – Shanghai Dragons

Birdie didn’t watch a single game of Overwatch until reruns of OWL Season 1 caught his attention. Always a fan of the underdog, Birdie started watching the Dragons religiously during Season 2. He was confused by Overwatch at first, but after over a thousand hours of gameplay and watching scores of OWL games, Birdie is ready to analyze and cheer on his Dragons.

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