After the Snap: Who Went, Who’s Left, and Where the Boston Uprising Go From Here

We knew it was coming. Ever since Boston went winless in Stage 4, since Huk announced they’d be running open trials this offseason, that this roster wouldn’t last. There were signs, if you were paying attention. Alemao and Aimgod coming in/out of the roster all Stage 4. rCk being absent. Stellar being signed out of the blue. All the LFT tweets that have trickled out in the past few weeks. Still, there’s nothing like a tweet from the team’s account to sum it all up in less than 240 characters to give you a swift kick in the gut.

Well, here we are. Everyone knows it’s better to drop weight before the winter kicks in and you inevitably put on the pounds, right? So what was 10 yesterday is 4 today. In one fell swoop, the team is down to the bare bones. Just an absolutely brutal blow to see pop up in your Twitter feed.

Whose gone

Alemao – the Brazilian support player who saw little time this season, he’s stepping away from OW. Was his time in Boston that rough?

Persia – a flex support player who also went in and out of the lineup, particularly in Stage 4. Always living in Aimgod’s shadow, he never lived up to the Korean’s play.

rCk – brought on when many saw the meta moving to a Sombra-GOATs, Note was traded to the Dallas Fuel to for this Finnish off-tank. While he played admirably through most of Stage 2, he and the team floundered in Stage 3 and he was absent due to illness for Stage 4. He has moved to a DPS role for the Finnish OWWC team.

Aimgod – the high performing flex-support player mysteriously disapeared midway through the 2019 season. Rumors swirled about toxicity, his relationship with other players, and the like. Needless to say, it seems that personal, off the stage drama led to the downfall of what was otherwise an excellent player for the Uprising.

Kellex – the last remaining member of the original Uprising roster announcement back in 2017, the main support player has been the lighthouse in a sea of change the last two years. As recently as two weeks ago he was still positive towards both the Uprising and his future. He’ll be sought after by any team looking for a veteran presence by a capable support player.

Whose left

Despite seeing over half the roster get wiped out, Uprising fans have plenty of reason to stay level headed. Yes, alot of talent just walked out the door. But alot of talent is still here. And the better talent. Honestly, Huk kept the best parts of the sports car and has a great foundation to win the race in the long term. Here’s who we’ve got:

Fusions – he of the All-Star team, of marathon vocal chords with legendary shotcalling, and our team leader. For all the Uprising fans lamenting Gamsu’s reported $240k contract with the Dallas Fuel, know that we’ve got our captain back for 2020.

Colourhex – the only consistent player of Stage 4, who popped off on Widowmaker and put everyone in the league on notice for top DPS. There’s no one else I’d rather have in the DPS role from this team than ‘Hex – look for this guy to light up both OWWC next month and OWL in 2020.

Blase – poor guy got stuck on Brig then DVa through nearly all of 2019, the American DPS pro has had little opportunity to shine. When he has, he showed his Doomfist can compete with the best in the league. Being put in the spot he came up in, look for him to show up with a vengeance in 2020.

Axxiom – with little opportunity to play with rCk, Note, or Fusions in front of him, this Korean tank player hasn’t shown whether he can play as a starter in OWL, but expect Huk to give him a chance going into next year.

Where to go from here

It’s no secret what’s happening. Huk is running an open trials again, looking for the top talent out there to bring to the Uprising. Given his track record of finding talent where others saw nothing (Gamsu, Striker, Fusions, Colourhex, Neko, Dreamkazper, Crusty, etc.) is there any reason to doubt him again? He’s consistently made household names of obscure, untested talent. Sure, it hurts to see so many players we loved to see go, the fact that we have the best of the team returning is cause for hope.

Also remember the offseason schedule. Teams have until November 15th to have 8 players under contract. Huk has his work cut out for him, with 4 spots to fill in trials with less than a month to go. Granted, they’ve been planning this since likely before the season ended and are well into trials. But that gives you a sense of what timeline the team is working with.

If Huk can find some reliable talent, find another All-Star caliber player, and maybe pick out a top tier free agent this year, Boston can come back strong next year. Fans will rally around this team like they always do. They can come back better than ever before. You may even call it an Uprising.

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