As the Gods fall…

On the 22nd of October 2019, London Spitfire fans received the news they dreaded: two of the team’s stars fell. Profit and Gesture both moved on to the Dynasty leaving a huge hole in London’s team and in the hearts of the fans.

Fast forward eight days. Rumors of any roster moves were silent. No leaks no nothing, then suddenly it happened. The third piece, The third star fell – Jun-ho “Fury” Kim, the off-tank and Dva star moved on. Signing for the Philidelphia Fusion during there mass roster reveal. This was a heart destroying moment for all of the Spitfire fans. A fan favorite and the best off-tank in the league is gone. Leaving a huge hole to fill and nobody on the horizon to fill it.

Or so we thought. Minutes later, The Fusion Academy account tweeted prematurely some rather surprising news, Two players from there very promising team had left. Fuze and BERNAR were off to the UK boys! But who are they?


Se-Won “BERNAR” Shin is a South Korean off-tank player. Clearly a replacement for Fury, This kid is talented, not Fury-level but talented. He previously played for BK Stars alongside now couch Twinkl. He is a Dva and Zarya main with the ability to dip into Winston which is good flexibility to have a Tank player. How will he do? Well, he is young and coachable, alongside being talented and a winner. This dude wins games and tournaments, which is what we need. I like the signing and I hope he doesn’t get compared to Fury too much.


Fuze – Now this guy… It’s hard to get a read on Fuze and his Ability. We sign him from Fusion University where he was only a roster member for 3 months and didn’t feature a whole lot, playing bench to FunnyAstro and Alarm most of the time. Before FU he played for Gen.G for 5 months. The guy hasn’t ever had consistent play at a high level. Is he better than Quartermain? Probably not, but its a signing through the door and a potential hidden gem. No matter his skill level, we welcome him with open arms

Fuze (©Blizzard Entertainment)

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