Charging Forwards: The First Nine

The deadline for Overwatch League teams to announce their eight man squads has passed, and so far the Guangzhou Charge have shown us nine. Goodbye Rise, Hotba, fragi, Bischu, OnlyWish and Kyb; Hello Cr0ng, Wya and Neptuno. Here is my analysis of the squad so far coming into 2020.


Every team needs a solid main tank to form up around, and for us, it will continue to be Rio. His Reinhardt during the GOATS meta was pretty good and has come on leaps and bounds since then. Everyone looks forward to seeing him whip out a Wrecking Ball when he gets the chance. While he looked somewhat shaky in Stage one, he has matured since then. I look forward to seeing how much more he can improve and if he can become a top-tier main tank.


Our noble captain, Chara, will return to lead our team to victory in 2020. Revered and feared on Lucio by other OWL teams, Chara will continue to forge a name for himself and the Charge long into the future. Every team needs a leader, and with skills like Chara’s, how could we let him go? Some see him as a weak link, however the Charge need a hyper-aggressive Main Support to force the rest of the team to play with him. This should allow the Charge to continue their aggressive playstyle and catch more teams off-guard.


Playing flex-support for Charge in 2020 is Shu. Who honestly could complain that Shu is staying? As one of the best Zenyattas in the League, and a solid Ana, Shu will surely be starting for the Charge in 2020. The Charge can feel confident relying on him for clutch sleeps and Transcendences no matter which way the meta strays. Shu’s highlight reel must be hours long, and I have all faith in him to continue his performance far into 2020.


Having only come of age at the beginning of Stage 4 of 2019, Nero made his mark on the Overwatch League quickly. With the second best K/D of the entire stage, Nero proved himself to be no pushover. A top-tier Pharah and stellar on all the other projectile damage heroes, it is no surprise that the Charge chose to keep him on the team. Hopefully he will continue to compete with Happy for the starting spot on the Charge’s roster, and together they will grow stronger.


A key player on the Charge as Doomfist and Sombra, Eileen is phenomenal. A mainstay on the DPS spot, Eileen should continue to show us what he’s made of well into the future. When we did see him in the 2019 Playoffs, he seemed confident. Hopefully that attitude will continue into 2020. I hope he continues to grow into a high tier playmaker for the Charge.


The Aimgod himself will return to play his signature Widowmaker for the Charge in 2020. Despite seeing less playtime since Nero’s coming of age in stage 4, what we did see of him was phenomenal. Every Charge fan can remember that incredible Horizon Lunar Colony map he ended with 48% critical hit accuracy. As the meta shifts to a less barrier heavy one, hopefully his Widowmaker will become even more deadly. This should allow him to continue to fight Nero for his starting slot on the Charge’s roster.


A new pickup for the Charge, Crong hails from the Korean Contenders team O2 Blast. Under his off-tank guidance, O2 Blast finished fourth in the second season of Korean Contenders. Unless anything else changes, he will presumably be our starting off-tank. As a solid D.Va and Zarya, I see him as at least an equal to Hotba. He has some large shoes to fill, but I have faith in him to live up to Hotba’s legacy.


Another flex-support, Wya comes from the Guangzhou Charge’s academy team, T1W GZA. They were unfortunately knocked out in the Quaterfinals of Contenders China but they saw success throughout the season. Furthermore, he will be able to communicate well with Eileen, being another Chinese player. I look forwards to seeing him compete with Shu as starting flex-support. But even if he does sit on the bench for most of the season, the Charge can rely on him as a solid backup for Shu if he should ever suffer burn-out.


The legendary Battle Mercy will join the Charge for 2020! Coming from the Philadelphia Fusion, NeptuNo is a great pickup. He can strengthen the main support spot, as Chara sometimes looked slightly dodgy on Mercy. He and Eileen together will make for a terrifying PharMercy. I look forward to seeing what he can do for us heading into 2020.

That’s it! On the whole, I see the Charge’s 2019 offseason as a total success, with nothing but upgrades. Furthermore, the Charge have hinted on their Twitter at one or two more signings, so the future looks bright for the Guangzhou Charge.

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