Gladiators Season 3 Roster Musings

Here is the Gladiators Season 3 rosters so far! There are certain issues to address as well as attributes that are deserving of recognition.


Courtesy of Exodus Gaming : Birdring Montage

He is a world champion from the Inaugural Season, so even though the meta may change, he is still a strong candidate. He got his Bird name because of Seagull being a good influence, so hopefully, BigGoose will have a great influence on him! His Widowmaker is definitely what he is well known for. He is known for playing the defensive playstyle while he was on the Spitfire.

He has played Tracer before, but he recently hasn’t played it as much since Profit was on his team, the London Spitfire. Birdring also played McCree and Reaper. It was memorable that he played Reaper in Oasis in 2019 even though it wasn’t Meta.  Surefour, the Season 2 Gladiators DPS now on Defiant, also did the same thing. The difference was that Surefour did it in a GOATS Meta. Birdring did it in the 1 Support meta, so Surefour and Birdring definitely can make non meta heroes viable, which would prove to be valuable!  Birdring can play Hitscans well as well as Hanzo.

There are several concerns about Birdring though. He was known to have significant injuries that would affect his wrist, therefore making him not able to play.  It is also not well known why he did not participate in the playoffs of Season 2. There were deleted tweets as well as deleted social media accounts involved, so that definitely would raise concerns throughout the season. There may be fear that he would have less motivation as the season goes by. Hopefully, the Gladiators consistently fuel that motivation well! 

Birdring has been on an all Korean team in London Spitfire, so the language barrier issue would definitely be another challenge. Of course, Gladiators have worked with Void, R0ar,Asher, Fissure, etc. and they have done well. Again, it may be a slow start for communication and teamwork issues, which the Gladiators are known for,  but history does state that they have overcome this challenge time and again. Fortunately, the Gladiators have Bischu who is fluent in English and Korean, so he can help translate for them.


MirroR is the first Vietnamese pro player in the Overwatch League. He turned 18, so he was finally eligible for OWL. Boston Uprising Academy (T2 scene) qualified for contenders in 2019 going 7-0, and MirroR also allowed them to have a 5th to 6th place finish in NA Contenders East. He can play the projectile heroes well, so it is possible that Birdring and MirroR would play double sniper if that meta is relevant again. MirroR would certainly have big shoes to fill. Hydration performed really well on his projectile heroes and it will certainly be a feat to accomplish what Hydration has done.

MirroR is a rookie player as far as Overwatch League goes. From what has been seen, he is very ambitious and has a diverse hero pool, and flexibility will make him valuable. MirroR will have to adjust from working on a different team as well as adjust from T2 to T1 scene. He, Birdring, and the rest of the team would agree on what DPS heroes to play.  It will be an excellent opportunity to work with an OWL champion in Birdring. He will have the experience of being on an OWL team as well as the experience of someone who has won the whole thing! 


OGE has proven that he has plenty of mechanical skill, game sense, and even great reaction time. On the Fuel, he has had strong aggressive play styles as well as defensive playstyles. One of his most notable plays is how he allowed his team to survive a shatter and a Dva Bomb in opposite directions. Usually, the strategy was that you put the Dva Bomb behind enemy team so that when the Reinhardt shield is facing towards the Dva Bomb, the other Reinhardt can shatter that Reinhardt, but OGE and the Fuel reacted well in the situation.

Courtesy of Overwatch League: OGE’s Big Brain Tactics

There are several concerns about OGE. Though he has well documented attributes, he admits that he lacks leadership. R0ar, the Gladiator Season 2 Main Tank, had great leadership skills, but he did not always speak very clear English to the team. OGE I believe will speak good English on the team, because he has worked with Dallas Fuel, who speak predominantly English.

The leadership skills and communication are what he would have to develop. Trill was put in for OGE in some games, because Trill constantly communicated about what was happening in the game. OGE will have time to develop his leadership and communication skills on the Gladiators. Even though OGE believes he is not a leader, he still tries his best to be one.  OGE also admits that there are several significant past mistakes he has certainly made, and he is trying his best to amend them.


Space has shown that he is an excellent team player, and he has put the team’s needs before himself as seen on the Valiant. Space also recently won the Overwatch World Cup for Team USA so that experience can certainly help! What an honor to represent your country with star players! Like the rest of Team USA, Space studied every single team on every single map and constantly prepared strategies with his team. Yes! The meta certainly will be different, but that experience will broaden his mind on various matchups that can happen! Space saw how other players lead, communicate, etc. and he can share his experience with the Gladiators.

Space on Team USA Roster

He is excellent at ult tracking and can play Dva, Hog, Zarya, and Sigma proficiently. He is one who is known for mitigating enemy impact, and he is good at creating space (no pun intended) for his team. He also has strong sense on his decision making rather than tunnel visioning on an objective. What he does constantly helps the team!  Space has proven himself on Sigma with the Team USA matches and only lost 1 map to South Korea!

Space is not known for having many significant weaknesses himself, but he just has to play better than the enemy team. He just isn’t known for canceling as many Ultimates as Choihyobin, Jjanu, or Fury nor necessarily well known for Dva Bomb kills like Poko. Many though would consider him a well-rounded tank who has all those skills. His various skill set as well as his various hero pool will be a strong asset to the Gladiators. He will likely integrate with the Gladiators relatively quickly.


Bischu was supposed to be the starter for the Gladiators, but he had an injury. He went to Guangzhou Charge in Season 2 Stage 4 only to be returned for Season 3. Bischu is very positive and seemingly always smiles. He is known for being super friendly to his teammates, fans, and to people in general. He is an excellent Dva player who would probably share some time with Space. He is able to speak both Korean and English, so that can certainly contribute to the team.

The biggest concern, though, is that Bischu has not played Overwatch on a competitive team environment in a while, so his skill level and proficiency on heroes would certainly be fairly unknown. He may have been involved in observing games and VOD reviews for the Gladiators, but he hasn’t really been playing those games himself. The lack of experience is definitely the big concern, so it is expected that Space would be the Flex Tank starter for the Gladiators at least for the first few weeks.


Paintbrush is new to Overwatch League recently playing for Revival and Mayhem Academy so T2 experience can certainly be useful. BigGoose may start for the first few weeks, and it is possible to use Paintbrush situationally. Not sure how they would use him, but he can be good for all the traveling concerns. Rosters will certainly be more important when it comes to constant traveling since players can get jet lagged, sick, etc.

Sometimes, the reason to sub one in isn’t just because of a hero difference. Other factors that can be involved would be playstyle differences and map differences. An example would be Seoul Dynasty’s Tobi and Jesce. I believe that the Lucio playstyles are different, but Tobi also had more synergy with Ryujehong which is another important attribute to consider. It is unlikely either BigGoose or Paintbrush would be a Mercy, Lucio, or Baptiste specialist, so it is probable that the roster switches would be due to different playstyles.

Gladiators have only played Ripa for very few games over Shaz, so there may be also fear that the same scenario will happen. PaintBrush is a rookie, so the disadvantages would mainly relate with inexperience. An advantage that a rookie would have over a veteran would be the fact that they would be more open minded and less egotistical to what the team says. It will certainly be a transition that he will go through, but there is hope indeed for this rookie player and for the Gladiators.


Excellent shot caller, especially great at Lucio and Baptiste, and great at raising morale of the team. He is hilarious especially in microphone check. In situations, he can play Ana and Zenyatta. He is very ambitious seeing that he is willing to learn Korean. When Goose makes really great plays, the audience and people would yell, THE GOOSE IS LOOSE! BigGoose is also an excellent Sombra player as well as a Mercy player. He is great at interviews giving great perspective on the game and shows great respect to other teams. Very popular among the crowd indeed. He is certainly able to lead the team with his great attributes and his experience of never being benched!


He is one of the most consistent players in the Overwatch League. Unless the team is being dominated by the enemy, he consistently gets damage and healing stats on his flex supports. Shaz is also excellent on the DPS role! He has played Genji, Tracer, Reaper, etc. for his teams in situational circumstances, and he has come in clutch! His Ana, Zenyatta, and Moira have been impactful indeed.

Shaz and BigGoose are a strong Finnish duo. Very likable duo, and they always have strong mental attitudes. Shaz will be able to help the team in extraordinary ways with his strong mechanical skill and consistency. He is great at having strong mentality always able to focus and not get too excited or too flustered about good or bad plays. 


CurryShot, currently strategic coach for the Gladiators, has coached various teams including Mayhem Academy, Revival, and most recently, the Guangzhou Charge. Charge did not necessarily have the strongest season, but they were consistently getting stronger. The meta may have affected their performance potential, but Guangzhou were able to find their system. For that reason, I do think Guangzhou will be strong, and CurryShot could use his coaching experience of many teams to help the Gladiators. CurryShot also has potential to shine.


Dpei now is the Head Coach and General Manager for the Gladiators, which is certainly plenty of responsibility. If anything, he knows the Finnish Support duo and Bischu well. It will be his challenge for the team to work well. Gladiators have always been creative with their compositions being able to react to various situations! 2/2/2 lock, of course, will limit those options. However, Gladiators have shown they are willing to throw enemies off with their high risk high reward tactics. Generally speaking, the Gladiators have a strong understanding of the meta, and Dpei has certainly been a key to their success. Time will tell if he is up to the challenge for the Season 3 Gladiators roster!

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