Hold your horses: Let’s look at 1-3-2 properly

Jeff has dropped a bombshell on the forums about testing they did before 2/2/2 came into place. Now before we all get onto the bandwagon and knee jerk, I wanted to look at the consequences and engage in some civil discourse – a rarity in our community.

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Okay let’s try and break this down a little. This was experimented with before 2-2-2 came in, as I mentioned previously. At first glance, this means that they ultimately thought 2-2-2 was better for the game than 1-3-2. The key difference between the two is the stability of tanks versus the game feeling more “FPS-ish”. Clearly no one will deny 3 DPS per team would make the game faster, more mechanical and chaotic.

There’s potential in this article for a full masters thesis on this however I’ll keep it short as I can. For this piece I’ll focus mainly on the COUNTER ARGUMENTS to why 1-3-2 is a good idea.

Now for my own personal viewpoint this could be a HORRIBLE idea if ever implemented. I can admit my own bias as I am an off-tank player, but this would kill that role entirely. 

The issue of solo tank

In the current state (and of course changes would happen) Hammond and Orisa are the only two tanks capable of operating on their own without a partner to enable them. The kits they both possess enable them to set up plays with halt or slam and their sustain is an added bonus. Basically, what they both do would be so essential that they would be must-picks in my mind. Orisa for brawl or a more poke based style, and Hammond would dominate in a reckless all-in hyper-aggressive composition should any of those three emerge. 

The game has moved away from the fast-paced fps style we once had. It’s now more about cool down rotations, and including an extra DPS will not change this. There is currently a bunch of sustainable DPS like Doomfist, Reaper and Mei capable of just surviving, so that a weaker 2-2-2 version of GOATS still exists. The W key is good guys, it’s just good.

State of Offtank

As an off-tank player this would feel like a total slap in the face; Blizzard telling me, “Your role just doesn’t matter anymore”. This sentiment was echoed with hitscans during double shield. However, they still had the option to play albeit to great disadvantage. Forcing one tank would remove the offtank role in its entirety, replaced likely by a Mei unless they made anyone moved into the damage role viable. 

Offtank is an interesting role, as the border between DPS and Tank and their naturally larger HP pools in the DPS category could be dangerous. Reworking a role like this leaves the potential for a balance disaster.

Taking away a tank does not instantly mean you take away a sustained style and a slower pace to the game. The game was fast with two tanks and even three at times.

This isn’t even including the idea of them moving off-tanks into the DPS category with a rework.  Much like when they buffed Mei and Reaper then locked 2-2-2, there’s potential for change to make anyone moved from tank hilariously broken as they don’t balance them correctly. 

Misc Points: DPS and Fun

Queue times on DPS may not even be that much shorter as many players from off-tank convert over not wanting to be stuck on the horse lady every game. This also means the tank queue would be hilariously short.

In general, tanks won’t be as fun. Playing as a solo tank is already an experience you can get when you get a Hog instalock in your game, I shouldn’t need to explain how frustrating that is. 

This also opens the possibility of a pseudo triple tank if the balance team accidentally overpower Zarya and Roadhog when moving them across. Both heroes would be laughably weak as a solo tank but very strong together.

Imagine your team locks Orisa Mei Zarya Zen Bapt Roadhog and just W keys, a well-played aggro with the right rotations will run over any comp not mirrored due to the raw CC and sustain it has. 

There is so much more to this discussion but I wanted to put a quick reaction to throw out a more compact set of counter arguments. I’m a huge fan of them going public with this and also experimenting with it on the PTR the like. We as a community can be a little cutthroat at times, but there is no shame in dialling it back if it just doesn’t work.

Thanks for your time, reader; take it easy. 

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