KariV (and a Surprise) coming to the 6ix

Kariv… Wait a minute… KARIV?! I’m not exactly dreaming, but as a Support player on the console side, I aspire to play like Kariv, who as it turns out, just signed with the Toronto Defiant. The man who has spent much of his career with the Los Angeles Valiant, comes to the 6ix at a time where people like Gods, Sharyk, IM37 and Yakpung went elsewhere.

“So, who, pray tell, is KariV?”

To begin, KariV (Real Name: Young-Seo) is a Support player. He is lights out with Ana and Zenyatta (who, on the former, I have been practicing a lot of as of late). But he is also excellent with Widowmaker and Soldier: 76.

“What can KariV bring?”

For much of the inaugural season as a member of the Valiant, KariV was showing early signs of what he can do as a true Support, even going as far as selecting Mercy of all heroes. He even threw in what it truly means to be a true Damage hero as a sniping specialist. The Week 3 match against the Shock, in the clip above, is his portfolio of what KariV is capable of.

However, last season, with the over-reliance of the GOATs meta during the match against the Toronto Defiant in Stage 3, he was not able to showcase much with his main four heroes. But it changed slightly when he went Reaper for a short while, during the map contest at Horizon Lunar Colony.

With the role lock being implemented in Stage 4, KariV is finally able to showcase his true mettle as the heroes he likes. But unfortunately, the season was all but lost as the Valiant missed the postseason.   

“What about Agilities?”

With KariV’s move now set in stone, it may open the door for his teammate (and another Canadian pro) Agilities, to come home to the North… Especially given, like Serge Ibaka of the NBA’s Toronto Raptors have done, both guys have a cooking show…

Now… how hungry are you guys for a reunion of the two?

UPDATE: Agilities has just been signed by the Defiant, so… a reunion is indeed afoot!

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