LA Valiant Rebrand: New Team. New Colors.

After a turbulent off-season, the Valiant have redefined themselves in yet another manner; a brand-new Blue and Gold color scheme reminiscent of UCLA’s colors.

This off-season, the Valiant said goodbye to fan-favorite players such as Brady “Agilities” Girardi, Indy “SPACE” Halpern, Scott “Custa” Kennedy, and Young-seo “KariV” Park. Today, they also leave behind the Green and Gold colorway fans had adorned themselves in for the past two years.

According to the team, the move to the Homestand Model is the primary reason for the new Blue and Yellow. “The Valiant are digging in as representatives of Los Angeles as they compete across the globe. The city of LA, and the greater Southern California region, is known for its blue skies and golden sun and now our players and branding reflect that image.”

In the reveal stinger on the team’s twitter account, General Manager Mike Schwartz, and a few of the Valiant’s players poke fun at their leak filled off-season, including the leak of their color scheme. Furthermore, they confirm the signing of Main Tank Rick “GiG” Salazar and Support Park “RaiN” Jae-ho. This now brings the team’s total roster to nine players. A few of these players will be present at Staples Center on Wednesday, January 8 as part of the Los Angeles Kings Video Game Night featuring IGC Esports to debut the new color scheme.

New and Old; Blue and Gold

While this writer is certainly sad to see the Green and Gold gone (not only were they my favorite colors but now by decor and apparel need to be updated!), and the new colors feel very similar to that of the Boston Uprising, it shows that the Valiant is embracing their change. The new color scheme seems to say “The Green and Gold is the Valiant of Yester-Year, the Valiant of Custa News Network, the Valiant of Gamer Snacks. We want you to remember that Valiant fondly; but we aren’t that Valiant anymore.” The team is distancing themselves further from their past in order to embrace their future, where hopefully their new players will become just as iconic as their previous ones, and the Novo at the Microsoft Theater will be drowned out in waves of a sea of Blue and Gold to the cries of “Wings Out!”

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