London Spitfire and their cryptic tweets…

If you have paid any attention to the London Spitfire twitter account then you will know the games that have been played with us fans. Radio silence on the new players since the signing of Bernar and Fuze (Find my article on the pairing on WatchPoint Lobby). Until the 10th of November…


The Spitfire released a very bizarre tweet (See below). The tweet was an image of a Panda, with Spitfire face paint, and a golden Reinhardt hammer on Kings Row. It was joined by a caption that reads “Don’t mind me, just a recent panda academy graduate passing by…” Who is this referring to? Well, Spitfire fans figured this out fast… Jeungmac, or Jmac for short, the Main Tank player currently playing for LGE Huya. The winning team of Contenders China and the Academy team of you guessed it… The Chengdu Hunters!

This was a pretty obvious hint at the London Spitfire main tank heading into Season 3. Jmac is a great player to pick up in my opinion. He is a great Rein, Winston and Orisa player which is obviously needed to fill a Gesture size hole in the team. Under the coaches we have, he should do fine heading into Season 3.


The next day we received our next hint. A tweet, accompanied by a video this time. The video was a weird one… It was a short Minecraft video in which the player used a London Spitfire logo and 8 golden nuggets to craft a Glistering Melon… It took fans a little longer to notice this one. A week or so ago it was rumored the Gen.G DPS Star Glister was trialing with the Spitfire, It seems he impressed. It’s fair to say this is a huge signing. Of all the Korean DPS that the Brits could pick up, Glister is at the top of the list… I previously brought up Glister in an article last month, I mentioned how his projectile play was incredible but overlapped the mighty Profit in their hero pool… Well, Profit is gone, and while that sucks, it shall allow Glister to really shine! 


For the third day in a row… London fans are teased at a new signing. This one in two parts. The first part a Gif, a red R. Nothing much to go on right? Well, a few minutes later we got the second part… A Colour Hex code, Specifically #BC3F4A. The code for a color known as Blood red, or Sanguine. Combine that with the R? You get Sanguinar, a player currently playing for Gen.B, the academy team for Gen.G. The Korean is relatively unknown… He is a main support player, usually on the Lucio for Gen.B and could be a hidden gem for the Spitfire if he plays next season, however that isn’t all that happened on that day…


Day 4 and more riddles and hints! This time it was obvious? I think? A simple image with a few different points. A – a DPS logo, B – A Runaway Logo, C – The font from No Game No Life… Its surely only one man. The one and only Schwi! But Toddy I hear you ask… Who is Schwi? Well, let me tell you. Dong-Jae “Schwi” Lee is a former DPS played of Runaway, who was released as of the 7th of July. He also recently played for Cheongju Hunters in the Korea Cup, finishing second overall. The guy is a very good Genji and Pharah player and is a very moldable player, alongside a 3rd DPS, Schwi could shine brightly for the boys in blue…


On the fifth day of the roster hints, the Spitfire gave to me… A really obvious hint at the new player for the London Spitfire team. A tweet reading that the team is going places in Season 3… Specifically a high place… Alongside a flying tiger with a support logo on its head. Obviously a Seoul Support played and the “High Places” really gave it away. Sung-hyeok “Highly” Lee is a South Korean Flex Support player. Known for Zenyatta and Ana, The guy is clearly the replacement for Bdosin, We just got to hope that he replaces him well as he didn’t play a whole lot in 2020.

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