Mayhem Runaway with a Roster

With the recent announcement of Runaway’s assistant coach Kuki and players Yaki and Gangnamjin going to the Florida Mayhem, it seems that the Mayhem now have a sense of direction.

Yaki and Gannamjin are by far, along with Sayaplayer, the best pickups Florida has ever gotten. Arriving from the team Runaway, their raw talent and skill dwarfs any player that once wore a Mayhem jersey. What makes these two players great is the history that they have built with the game Overwatch.

Kim “Yaki” Jun-Ki

Yaki’s career started with MVP Space in the season 3 apex tournament in 2017. This team was his heart and soul as ge spent 2 years and 6 months on the roster. Despite being on the team for so long, MVP failed to make it past the quarterfinals in every season. Yaki, upset with the results MVP Space showed during the playoffs, left the team at the beginning of 2019.

Making it in North America

Yaki’s saw a change in pace and culture by joining XL2. Since the team played in the US, Yaki went through a culture shock. Despite this, Yaki could not pass an opportunity with one of the best organizations in all of OWL. Despite XL2’s reputation, the team did not fair much better as they failed to make it past the quarterfinals. However, Yaki’s talent did not go unnoticed as his performance became the major outlier in the success of XL2. His performance on XL2 lead head coach of Runaway nOrU to pick him up for the next season of Korean Contenders.

The Big Break

After 3 years of playing on mediocre teams, Yaki finally got his shot when he got picked up by Runaway. Runaway just finished up a disappointing season as they failed to make the finals. In order to improve the roster nOrU picked up players like Assassin, Yaki, and F4zE. Yaki did not disappoint as his performance put him in contention with Element Mystic DPS player Sp9rk1e. Yaki would continue to show off his dominance at the Gauntlet only to lose in the semifinals to ATL Academy. His dominance proved him to be a top DPS player, showing that dedication and hard work goes a long way.


Unlike his DPS counter part, Gangnamjin’s time with Overwatch professionally is about a year long. He did play for a team called CTU in 2017 but, only played one match with them. As an Overwatch player he lucked out and was able to make the starting squad of Runaway right after Vancouver gutted the team. This was an opportunity that Gangnamjin did not waste. With his talent and leadership skills he was on the path to being one of the best supports in Korean contenders at the time. His ability to execute strategy and his killer accuracy with his Zenyatta is what the Mayhem needs to get out of this slump.

Kim “KuKi” Dae-kuk

Kuki is a very well known name in the OWL community. He played as a Main Tank for the Seoul Dynasty and the Los Angeles Valiant. His sub-par Main Tank performance made him out to be a a unreliable pick. due to his performance on the Dynasty, he transferred to Valiant where he spent most of his time riding the bench over Main Tank player Fate. He would continue to do that for 10 months until the beginning of the stage 3 playoffs where he left the squad upon request.

Becoming a Coach

Kuki joined team Runaway as a coach after the team suffered a devastating loss in the Semifinals to 02 Blast and had a rough start to season two. Even though Kuki is the assistant coach, the team had a noticeable performance change during the postseason. Whether or not Kuki had major involvement with the team, you cannot deny that his experience with OWL impacted their performance. Runaway does not just pick up any coach off the free agency train.

Becoming Head Coach of a Failing Organization

While fans are happy to see that the rumors surrounding Runaway were true there is a little bit of disappointment. Kuki is a coach with a lot of experience being a player however his experience being a coach is only 4 months. This is concerning due to the fact that the Mayhem’s history with head coaches is not the best. The Mayhem need a coach with the experience necessary to lead this two season dumpster fire. Due to localization, this is the make or break season for the Mayhem. Throughout their existence, this team has failed to make anything of themselves and fans gaze at the previous results with anger. Right now the Mayhem are going all in on Kuki. Concerned Fans fear the unknown. Is Kuki the answer to the Mayhem’s struggles or is he just another cheap coach acquired by a failing organization?

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