Ones 2 Watch: Players To Look Out For In 2020

Hello there reader, I wanted to put a quick list together to suggest some names you should consider watching in OWL 2020. Overwatch is a hard esport to spectate but if you have the option of watching a player specific cam with league pass, this could be a good article for you. There is going to be A LOT of Overwatch next year. As a Spitfire fan I’m going to try my best to catch Fusion and Dynasty games next year to cheer on the former players but it’s not always possible.

Anyway, this list is not about those who are household names like Gesture, Profit, Fury, Haksal etc it’s about the players who will fly under the radar either because they will be on a bad team or are a top player but not the best on their team. Of course look out for your Sp9rkles, Fleta’s, Fissures, and LeeJaeGon’s of the league. 

Glister: DPS London Spitfire

London’s games next year have the potential to be rather painful as this bizarre batch of tier 2 talent tries to merge together. The best metaphor for this team at the moment is one of those local takeaways (take-outs for Americans) where they serve pizza, kebab’s, burgers, chicken wings, and all. Not really providing a solid identity and one taste but rather a flurry of flavours. Look, my point is it could be messy BUT Glister is good at this game.

Coming from GenG and formerly X6 where he ROLLED Contenders with Architect, Choi, GodsB and BeBe before they all left for the league. Now he is of age turning 18 in January and I expect him to light up the stage as Spitfire’s star pilot. Along with Sp9rkle and Edison, Glister was touted as one of the best DPS talents in all of Korea and I’m still amazed the Spitfire snagged him out from the talons of other owl teams. I guess giving Seoul the best duo in OW history helps sweeten the deal. Glister has potential to fly under the radar because of the drop off in interest the Spitfire will have. They aren’t the super team with amazing individual talent like before. Now, their ceiling is season 1 Boston with Glister being doing his best Striker impression.

As a dedicated Spitfire fan I’m excited to see what this man can do in the OWL and you guys should be too.

Hanbin: Offtank Paris Eternal

Main reasoning here is, if you play on a team with Sp9rkle you will obviously not be the centre of attention. Hanbin has the advantage he will come in MUCH sooner than his dps counterpart only missing one week due to age. Capable across all offtanks, Hanbin was perhaps the best Sigma in tier 2. He destroyed teams with this hero.

There is potential it doesn’t work out and Paris are still mediocre. They likely will be, as they integrate new pieces and a whole new language into comms. Paris’s roster is odd: it’s a mesh of a dominant tier 2 team alongside some average OWL talent. Before Sp9rkle comes in, Hanbin is the best player in this team undoubtedly in my mind. We will find out if the Eternal sink or swim soon. If they do promptly plummet, then Hanbin will be swimming upwards with his head above water trying to drag his team with him.

Brussen: Offtank Boston Uprising

One of the KEY pieces in the OWRanje’s WC success was the cleverly calculated play of Brussen. Again rising to success on Sigma he looked so composed during high pressure plays at the World Cup on Sigma. Brussen has bounced around EU’s tier 2 scene. It’s possible that Boston have found themselves an absolute gem of a player. Boston will most likely be a weaker team this season (I know shock, no one has said this) and that could be down to struggles from players like Brussen. ColourHex, Fusions and Myungbong have all built fairly reputable names for themselves this past year, with Offtank being such an important role I feel Brussen’s personal performances with be the litmus indicator for how Boston perform as a whole.

Eileen: DPS Guangzhou Charge

Eileen’s recent transition to include more hit scan will make him a deadly partner alongside happy. The Charge were reliant on these two last season to pop off. This season, with more talent around them, they can lean into the Happy Eileen duo more. Additionally, introducing Nero when needed will help as he is no slouch either. Happy is frequently discussed amongst the best hit scan players in the league. Nero was a breakout when he was introduced. I just want to remind everyone Eileen is still incredibly talented and I expect him to be better than he was last season.

FunnyAstro: Main Support Philadelphia Fusion

The frog himself is finally in the Overwatch League. He started playing for British Hurricane before taking a short break. Afterwards, he joined Atlanta Academy. Astro has shown he is mechanically one of the best Main Supports there is. Mostly known in EU for his aggressive Lucio, he once held down 4 accounts in top 10 at one point. The British main support has potential to develop alongside the stacked roster the Fusion possess. Here, he won’t need to carry this team instantly out the gate. Why would you when you have the best doomfist in the world Chipsa on your team? OK but all meme’s aside, Astro’s weak point historically has been his calling.

Whether he needs to comm for this team will only be found out through leaks or information Philly themselves reveal. Regardless, he will have time to work on it. Astro can be the glue that holds all the talent in Alarm, Carpe, Fury and Heesu together. Also, he can help stop the living ult battery that is Sado from playing over aggressive. Like Astro, Sado should find playing amongst this team so much easier now that there are more Koreans around him. Also, his Offtank is the BEST in the world. As of this article Philly haven’t signed another MT. They most likely will be we don’t know who yet.

I have zero doubt Astro can show an incredible Baptiste if necessary. He’s just that good mechanically, which will offer for some amazing highlight plays. Comfortable on both Lucio and Mercy, Astro was picked ahead of Kruise to represent the 7Lions at the World Cup. Again, like all others who came before on this list, keep an eye on Astro. No doubt he will be sneakily pulling strings as the more well known names of the Fusion pop off around him. Many predicted Philly to be very good next year and I think they will be 2nd or 3rd in the Atlantic alongside the NYXL and Reign. Whilst Philly fans were not rejoicing in tears of joy over signing Astro, he will be a very good player for them if he can integrate alongside all the fresh faces.

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