Our time is now: Team USA are World Champions!

What a fairytale ending to the Overwatch World Cup!

As a huge fan of the league, and these players, it was a crazy ride from the start of this tournament with this team. Almost perfect throughout the entire tournament (lost only one map, and that was to Team Korea), these boys really made America proud!

Photo by Carlton Beener via Blizzard

Where it all began

Team USA earned a bye into the group stages to start off their journey. They were in group A with team Korea, team France, team UK, and team Sweden. Team Korea looked to be the heavy favorite considering they won back, to back, to back OWWC. Team USA were an unknown. A team made up of three players from the OWL champion SF Shock (Super, Sinatraa, and Moth), Corey from Washington Justice, KSF of the LA Valiant, Space of the LA Gladiators, and Rawkus of the Houston Outlaws. Also being coached by Aero, this team looked to have the synergy, and experience mixed with young new talent to make a run. Boy did they not only make a run, but completed the golden stage going 4-0, and not dropping a single map, including for the first time in OWWC history beating team Korea 3-0.

Because of this, and China losing one map, they became the top seed going into the playoffs, and earned themselves the top spot in the semi finals! As a fan of team USA I was going crazy! Jaw dropped, almost stunned that team USA looked so strong going into the playoffs. There were doubters, there were people who overshadowed this run in groups due to past demons, but little did they know this was just a level up for team USA!

Team USA vs Team Korea part 2:

Here it was. The rematch that everyone was waiting for. It was fated for these two teams to meet for the chance to go for gold in the finals of OWWC! Nothing was stopping these two from meeting(Though, Denmark sure put up an amazing fight to do so!), and team USA were out for revenge. I was on the edge of my chair the whole match. My nerves were sky high, and I couldn’t sit still! Team Korea was a team made up of OWL talent. Every player on that team were from OWL, and they looked to push team USA out of the way to make history to win a fourth title, but team USA said not today! 

Map 1 was a super close affair, but team Korea took it to go up 1-0. As a team USA fan I was very concerned. Would this get in their heads? Would they think “Oh no not again!”? No! Team USA, even though they lost map 1, kept it very close, and went right into map 2 with the confidence we saw in all of group matches. Team USA would come back, and take map 2 from Korea to tie the match up 1-1, and I was losing it (honestly at this point my voice was going, going, almost GONE!) at home!

Korea against the ropes:

The confidence continued to show as the crowd was behind this team representing us Americans. Chants of “USA! USA! USA!” would ring throughout the arena, and when Corey would pop off hard they would chant his name “COOOOOOOREEEEEEYYYYY!”! It gave me goosebumps, and I was living for every moment! Map 3 came, and team USA would fight team Korea hard to take it to go up 2-1. We were one map away from making history. Could team USA close it out?

Map 4 would end in a tie thanks to a solid team USA defense to keep team Korea from making it 2-2. A tie map pretty much makes that map nonexsistent, so we would go to map 5 where team USA would completely dominate team Korea on both control points to deny team Korea a fourth gold medal, and for the first time ever team USA would go for gold in OWWC! I was shaking from the emotions of this match. Team Korea are our rivals in OWWC no doubt about it, and they finally beat past demons. They dethroned team Korea, and I was so proud of this moment.

One more match for gold, Team USA vs Team China:

One match to determine the champions of the world. Team USA vs Team China. Team China defeated Team France to move on for a battle with Team USA. I knew this would happen. Team China looked strong with their off meta style of chaotic play. Nerves were high, because team USA haven’t faced a team like China.

The US didn’t miss a step, and took that energy, that momentum from beating team Korea, and took it into this match with team China. Dominance, and synergy were high with team USA, and Team China’s style didn’t waver team USA. Map after map team USA matched team China, and was always one step better. Team China have a crazy strait? Team USA can play that way too, but better! Super on Reinhardt, Sinatraa on Junkrat, Corey on Tracer! Team USA stuck to meta, and went off meta to flex on team China, and beat them 3-0 to achieve a goal they’ve had for so long: World Champions!

Photo by Carlton Beener/Provided by Blizzard Entertainment


I was emotional, I was shaking, I was tearing up, and I was jumping up and down. They did it, Team USA did it! I couldn’t believe what I witnessed. Undefeated throughout the tournament, only dropping one map to team Korea. They dominated the tournament.  Those on stage, and off worked so hard to achieve this goal.

“The past demons are slain! We are the champions!” is all I kept saying. I cannot wait for OWWC 2020 so we can watch our boys again, cheer them on again, and hopefully repeat as Overwatch World Cup Champions!

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