Ready for lift-off… A Spitfire Roster Review

London Spitfire has officially announced their initial 8 man roster for the 3rd season of the Overwatch League. The team doesn’t have quite the name caliber of the previous roster but how do they really measure up? Well Jammydodger, Siarnaq, and I are going to break it down.


London Spitfire signed 2 DPS players during the offseason to replace the stars we had before. How do they measure up to those stars tho? Let’s talk about that…


Gil-Seong Lim, also known as Glister, is a Widowmaker and Doomfist master and is the replacement for Birdring. The youngster who turns 18 in January 2020 is an upgrade over the inconsistent Birdring in most people’s eyes. As soon as the star joined Gen.G, he immediately cemented himself as their top DPS. Eventually, he carried the team to decent finishes in both Korean Contenders and the Gauntlet at 3rd and 4th respectably.

The kid has a limitless ceiling for what he could achieve and is definitely a contender for Rookie of the Year. Glister can go toe to toe with the best Doomfist’s in the league no problem, as well as on Widowmaker/Hanzo. He is highly flexible and his performance levels have rarely dropped in official matches. Which indicates he could be a more reliable upgrade over Birdring. Overall, I believe Glister is a good upgrade and is definitely my player to watch for the Spitfire fans.


Dong-Jae Lee, known as Schwi, is a projectile player known for his incredible Genji and Pharah. For my money, he is the replacement for the best Overwatch player in the world, Profit. While the two share play styles, Schwi will be expected to play the Pharah, Genji and other projectiles heroes. It’s obviously a downgrade but no matter who the Spitfire brought in, it was always going to be a downgrade on our former star DPS.

Schwi won contenders with Runaway during the goat’s meta in which he played the Brigitte role. While this doesn’t prove his ability on the projectile damage heroes he will be playing for London, it does prove he can perform in high stakes matches and has that winner mentality. Schwi could be a huge surprise or a huge letdown… It’s hard to tell as the guy hasn’t played for a large team for 5 months. He did play for the Chengdu Hunters during the Korea Monthly cup, where they came in 2nd. Schwi showed flashes of brilliance during his time in the cup, dominating on Pharah consistently. Hopefully, he can carry this play forward to the third season of the Overwatch League. Proving he can duel with the top DPS in the league and become a deadly duo alongside Glister.


Overall I think London’s Damage will be much more consistent and could perform up to the standard of Birdring & Profit. The major factor for this Damage duo is that the wages of both players will be significantly cheaper than the previous duo. They have the potential to perform just as well. Personally, I think these new players are good replacements despite the fact the past duo were incredible. I hope to see them perform up to standard. Toddy out!


Spitfire’s initial announcement included only two tanks, Bernar & JMac.


Bernar played in Contenders for the highly successful Fusion University who dominated the NA region, steamrolling the Atlantic showdown as part of FUni. He was an integral piece as the Dva in GOATS whilst also flexing his Zarya when needed, too. Bernar’s dominance with Fusion University has been well documented and is well known. Amongst the STACKED talent competing in Korea’s contenders season 2 on off-tank, Bernar competed with QOQ, Cr0ng and Hanbin with each trying to establish themselves.

To address the obvious elephant in the room, Fury is the world’s best off-tank so replacing him is near impossible. Bernar, however, brings the same level of flexibility. He can compete alongside the vast talent on the team in season 3. Alongside Jmac, London’s tank line should be a bright spark. Rumor has it London had to save money this year. Meaning, they had to say goodbye to their best player in Fury. In that sense, Bernar was a safe, sensible, and scintillating replacement.


Chinese players brought plenty of talent into the league last season. Nationally, the team finished second at this year’s world cup alongside LFZ Zenith stars Erster, Diem, and Marvell. It’s safe to say China is finally being recognized as a strong region. That brings us to JeungMac who was undoubtedly the best MT in all of China last year. There is hope he can level up with an all Korean team behind him and OWL level coaching. Jmac’s consistency across all the main tank heroes is a perfect match with a talent like Bernar.

The Panda academy graduate should have no worry shifting to whatever tank he may need to play. I’m hopeful he can compete amongst the illustrious names that are the top OWL main tanks. There will be a teething period as all of the new cadets adjust, especially with travel. However, I’m confident in Jmac’s consistency to provide a stable foundation at the Main Tank role. Currently, Main Tank is the cornerstone to a successful team. If London exceeds early expectations and is competitive, plenty of plaudits will go to Jmac, I’m certain.


Personally, I’m super excited to see Jmac and Bernar play together. Especially alongside a DPS talent like Glister, these three have been popping off in their respective regions. Let’s see if they can fly the planes that the champions left behind to equal or possibly greater heights. One thing is for sure, however, it’s going to be one hell of a task. This new team is such a contrast; mostly unproven hungry talent from tier 2 looking to etch their name into OWL history books. That’s exciting! A fresh start isn’t always bad. Let’s support the new team like we did the old guard. AcesHigh and I’ll see you all when more news drops. Siarnaq out.


It’s JammyDodger here, bringing you the update on the London Spitfire’s support line for the next season. In the support department, London resigned Krillin as well as adding 3 more on top of that.


One of the early player leaks from the London Spitfire was the transfer of Fuze from Fusion University. Previously playing with Gen. G and MVP Space, Fuze has a huge amount of tier 2 experience, even at only 20 years old. At Fusion University, Fuze was part of the dominant NA contenders’ team. Ultimately, the team moved to the more challenging region of Korea. FU didn’t enjoy the same level of success whilst in Korea, finishing a disappointing 5-6th place. However, it allowed players like Fuze to play at a higher level competing against the likes of Runaway and Element Mystic.

This should have helped Fuze for the upcoming season, as getting better practice against more skilled opponents will mean he is better prepared for the Overwatch League. It will be interesting to see how Fuze fairs now that he is separated from his support partner in Alarm. Interestingly, Alarm seemed to generate much more hype compared to Fuze. Fuze, however, can easily reach the heights of previous Spitfire supports if given the right support by the coaching staff. However, if Fuze does not get this support I fear that this might be a difficult year for the Korean.


Arriving from Gen. B in Korea, SanGuiNar is from the third tier of Korean Overwatch. In a similar way to how Krillin was signed last year, I do believe SanGuiNar is one for the future rather than the present. In a world of tier three supports, he looked good. SanGuiNar never once set the world on fire through his plays and was never the worst on his team. Yet despite this, everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt. SanGuiNar looked good in tier three.

Unfortunately, tier three is not the Overwatch League. It’s going to be a huge step up for him. Hopefully he is able to make the transition and step up his level of play. Personally, I remain doubtful. It wouldn’t be wrong to think if SanGuiNar was a starting player, then he would be playing in Contenders. Obviously, during trials, he impressed and must have played extremely well, but perhaps it was a fluke? Until the season starts and the fans get to see him in action there will be a question mark over this signing.


Coming from the Seoul Dynasty, Highly is the only new addition to the Spitfire support line that has Overwatch League experience. However, even this wasn’t for very long. Playing second fiddle to Ryujehong the entire season, Highly only managed less than two hours on both Zen and Ana. Obviously, we can’t just look at this at face value. Ryujehong was the man for Seoul. The players all looked up to him and he has a legendary status from APEX to back him up. Quite simply, it was always going to be difficult for Highly to oust him from his position. Therefore, this season will be a big one for Highly, to prove his many doubters wrong. He didn’t fail for Seoul, but he also wasn’t able to show his true skill in the small time he had.

If anything, at the Spitfire he should be given that time to develop which may lead to him becoming a fantastic player in the future. Despite this, there will still be question marks over his ability. No Korean player (especially with the new homestand system next year) would in my opinion willingly leave the only Korean team in the league. As such, some might argue that he was forced out by Seoul because he is simply not good enough. This could easily be true considering the rumors of Ryujehong leaving the Dynasty before the season begins. If Ryujehong was leaving, why would they let their backup leave too? Spitfire fans as a whole might be pleased that we signed Highly considering the pedigree of team he was on and the experience of playing for a team that he brings.


The only returning member of the Spitfire from last season, I think it would be easy to say that this is going to be a big season for Krillin. Having played a limited number of times last season, it was made clear that he was being molded and trained for the future. Previously, it was hard to see him ever taking the position away from Bdosin on a permanent basis. Not because he was bad, but just because of the quality and skill that Bdsoin had. However, now that Bdosin is no longer here, I would expect him to feature a lot more in the upcoming season.

Unlike the main support position where I believe there is a clear hierarchy between our two players, I think the distance between Krillin and Highly is a lot closer. Both were stuck behind big-name players last season, meaning that they had very little game time. As such, it has meant that from a fan perspective it is very difficult to choose between them. Krillin might be preferred at first, especially with his relationship with head coach Agape from last year. If he is given the starting spot, I hope Krillin really flourishes and develops into the type of player which the Spitfire clearly saw when they initially picked him at the beginning of last season.


Overall, with Fuze having a higher tiered competitive experience, I would expect him to be starting over SanGuiNar for the majority of the games next season. This is not to say that SanGuiNar will not play. With the changed format of the Overwatch League next season, the depth of the roster will be tested and as such I’m sure SanGuiNar will cover some games to allow Fuze to rest and recover. However, Fuze is the more skilled player right now and unless something dramatically changes, I feel SanGuiNar will be a bench player at best.

For the off supports, both players are obviously extremely talented to have landed themselves sports on two of the biggest Korean teams last season. However, for both of them, this will be a big step up. Playing more games (and not just games that are already won), will be a challenge for both and it will be an interesting battle between the two to see who gets the starting spot for the team.

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