Reign to Possibly Remain the Same

It is almost moving season for the Overwatch League and a lot of teams have already made announcements with the parting of players and coaching staffs.  But this doesn’t seem to be the case for the Atlanta Reign.  FunnyAstro is under contract, so there seems to be no real rush to shake up the lineup.  They could possibly add another damage player into the mix because only having the three could wear them down throughout the long upcoming season.  But only time will tell on if the Reign end up snagging a DPS that is looking for a team.

The only thing of note that has been going around the rumor mill is that Gator may be offered a full pro contract (no longer in Contenders and strictly on the Atlanta Reign OWL team).  This wouldn’t come as much of a surprise because of how well his Sigma play was during the playoffs. 

With the deadline closing in, all we can do is sit back and wait.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Reign did little to nothing to their current roster.  I will keep you all posted with any moves, trades or signings as they come through.

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