Retooling and Refuelling: 5 free agents the London Spitfire should pursue

The mass exodus is complete. The Spitfire said goodbye to Fury, Profit, Gesture, Birdring and NUS from their original roster this off season so far. Guard has also departed along with coach Jfeel to make way for a new staff lineup. For this article I’m going to only consider the additions from Fusion University as safe members on this roster.

Player 1: Pokpo

Despite being tied up to Atlanta there is a high chance that the Reign move on from pokpo. Gator was recently moved up along with Hawk as Cox’s team look to shift towards more western talent. Pokpo, being Korean, would be an odd one out in this ATL roster and would 100% be a quality pick up for the Spitfire. Paired with Daco from Element Mystic, the main tank saw more playtime as his partner was faded out in favour of FRD. Above average on Reinhardt and Orisa also being solid enough on Winston. Pokpo is a good fit for the Spitfire, quality with lots of room to grow with this team.

Player 2: Edison 

I can’t emphasise enough how much Edison needs to be in the Overwatch League next season. The young DPS prodigy turns 18 on November the 17th and has been labelled in Korea as “Profit v2” due to his flexibility and carry potential. As Edison steps onto the global stage the Spitfire should be in hot pursuit of him offering him the chance to etch his name into OWL history on their blank slate. It’s rare for a writer to have little to say that hasn’t already, Spitfire please sign Edison he’s bonkers. 

Player 3: Flow3r

Every team needs 2 dps right? Flow3r would pair perfectly with Edison as he also has a flexible hero pool. In his very little playtime before leaving the NYXL Flow3r looked solid, Spitfire could give him the chance to become the best dps in the world that people touted him as going into overwatch league. Flow3r’s ability to cross into both Hitscan and Projectile proficiently puts him alongside names such as, Fleta, EIleen, Birdring, Profit and Sinatraa. As of this moment Flow3r is an unrestricted free agent but there are rumours of him joining the Gladiators. If the market is still there the spitfire should be in negotiations.

Player 4: LeeJaeGon & GangNamJin

Okay, this is 2 players but like Shaz and Goose these two should be a package deal. Coming from historic franchise Runaway this support pair seem like Slime and Twilight 2.0 offering flexibility across all support heroes with incredible trust and synergy with one another. A key aspect that always amazes me is how these two seem to come up with individual plays in the clutch. The only downside is how competitive the market will be for both players and getting them as a duo would cost A LOT which judging by the spitfire’s moves is money they don’t want to spend. If you would splash out for anyone however these two would be worth it. 

Player 5: MAG

Another one from Runaway, MAG would be underage for most of the season and would be an unbanned equal of Sado for the fusion, sign a lesser main tank and develop MAG for when he becomes of age. Runner has an odd knack for scouting talent as watching MAG reminds me of Bumper with his naturally aggressive style. We’ve seen the growth of Super and Sinatraa. With solid coaching MAG could reach the top level alongside Super, Mano, Bumper and Guxue. This would be an impressive move for the Spitfire if MAG was signed, as he has been touted as the next big main tank from Korea.

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