Saying a Goodbye to the Fiercest Fighter the Fusion Had

When you think of a support player, who do you think of? Someone who pockets at every living moment, or Reddit Lucio who boops the entire team into the abyss? Well this wasn’t your average support player. It was neptuNo.

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NeptuNo was a god among men. He was a Mercy main. He was The Battle Mercy. This gent was praised with the activation of his ultimate and rightly so, as he would get multikills with his blaster after healing. He had roughly 9.5k healing per ten minutes, the 20th few deaths, and played the most maps out of any player in the league, and this was all in the 2018 season.

But unfortunately, the Fusion have opted not to re-sign neptuNo for the 2020 season. For now, we don’t know if he has been signed to another team. All we know is that we are going to miss him and we hope he finds a home somewhere else. And if you’re seeing this neptuNo, best of luck to you and your future endeavors!

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