Seoul’s Head Coach Contract Expiration

Seoul announcement notification stabbed fear into many fans’ hearts. But this wasn’t the roster announcement we have all been (dreading) waiting for. Still, it was sad news for the Tiger Nation. Donggun “KDG” Kim’s contract has expired as of October 14th 2019. It isn’t known whether this was a mutual decision, if KDG had other offers, or if he will rejoin the Seoul Dynasty.

Prior to becoming an Overwatch coach, KDG was a Starcraft player. He coached 6nakes, a European Overwatch team, before joining Seoul Dynasty as their head coach for Season 2.

KDG helped bring Seoul Dynasty to the playoffs for Stage 1, 3, and the overall playoffs. The Seoul Dynasty fans appreciated his, and the other coaches’, post-match videos breaking down the decisions behind what they did in the matches.

Thank you to KDG for everything that he has done for the team this season. Roar on!

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