Sinatraa’s Legacy 2019

Selfess Gaming: Sinatraa’s Past

What began Jay “Sinatraa” Won’s career was when he moved to Selfless Gaming’s gaming house in an area closer to Atlanta, GA. Of course, as many parents would be skeptical about the situation, they went to Georgia together to see what he would be getting into.  They have achieved several monthly victories in these tournaments, which would later let Sinatraa become part of Team USA for the Overwatch World Cup for 2017.

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In the past, the public eye definitely did see many weaknesses in him.  Some thought that he was a mechanically skilled player with no brain. Sometimes, he was toxic, doesn’t work well with teammates, too cocky, the whole enchilada!  Even the current Sinatraa admitted that he was very toxic and very selfish in his past! He has also been called a player who can only play Tracer or Zarya, and if he couldn’t play those heroes during the meta, he would be very expendable.

Overwatch World Cup 2017: First World Cup Experience

During his Overwatch World Cup performance, he had to defeat several teams. Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Brazil. However, when it came to the Blizzcon Quarterfinals, it would be USA vs South Korea! Team USA and South Korea definitely had a really close series with South Korea in the end being the victor. Either team could have won several maps, but people kept on pointing out the times Sinatraa died to Saebyeolbe, who would be his Tracer counterpart.

Fan (Bryce) Video of Sinatraa Struggling vs Saebyeolbe

Overwatch League (OWL) Inaugural Season: Steady Improvements

Super and Sinatraa Before OWL Career Begins

Well, people put more value in him as soon as his salary of $ 150 K was announced, but the package deal meant that there was more pressure on him to perform. It wasn’t so much that the salary was big, but more the fact that it was one of the only salaries leaked. Therefore, it made it seem like Sinatraa was the biggest salary in the Overwatch League even though that wasn’t the case. At the time, Sinatraa admitted that he was not able to stand the pressure.

He could not compete in several stages due to the fact that he was too young to compete until March. When the first game he took part in happened, his team lost, though he himself seemed to perform well both on the Tracer and the Zarya. The San Francisco Shock though did say that him and Super would lead to long term benefits. The Inaugural  Season was not quite the time to see it. Stage 4, though, the Shock were steadily getting stronger, but it was not quite enough to make the playoffs.

Overwatch World Cup 2018: Pain and Humiliation

Team USA 2018

In 2018, Sinatraa was chosen to represent USA in the World Cup! This was definitely an opportunity for him to shine! Seeing how Canada and USA were clearly the dominant teams for their group, the match was certainly exciting to watch. After the win, Team USA came in confidently saying that they can definitely win the whole thing. They really wanted revenge on South Korea for 2018.

At Blizzcon, Sinatraa and the rest of USA were going to face off against Team UK. Team UK was thought to be the worst team of the 8 going into the World Cup. Afterall, they only had 1 OWL player Boombox, while team USA has 6 OWL players plus Zacharee. A significant majority of the audience, casters, players, etc.  all thought USA would crush UK. That did not end up being the case. Team USA seemed to be not very practiced or coordinated. They made certain mistakes that ended up with their humiliating defeat.

Courtesy of Akshon Esports USA vs UK

After Blizzcon, many were saying, “Sinatraa worth 150 K? HA! People with half his salary can play twice as good as he can!” It is true Sinatraa did not seem up to par with the rest of the world cup players. 2018 was just not Sinatraa’s year! Sinatraa was essentially humiliated in front of the world. He did not meet the expectations for OWL 2018 and he definitely did not seem to meet the expectations for the World Cup! 2019, though, would be his next opportunity to shine with him being one of the underdogs. Sinatraa persevered until the end!

OWL Season 2 Stage 1: Shock’s First Steps to Being a Dominant Team

MonteCristo Power Rankings Showing Shock as #1 Team

In the beginning of OWL Season 2, The San Francisco Shock were said to have the potential to be the strongest team based on the roster potential for the GOATs meta. Analyst MonteCristo said on his power rankings that they were probably the most powerful team. Season 2 did not begin well for the Shock, and they barely made the Stage 1 playoffs.

The Shock were figuring out which DPS would play the Zarya and Brigitte as well as dealing with Sleepy making Flex Support since Viol2t was suspended for a bit, so it would be fair to say that contributed to their struggle. Later, though in the Stage 1 Playoffs, Sinatraa was chosen as the Zarya player, and they even made it to Stage 1 Grand Finals! They were 1 map win from beating the Vancouver Titans in an intense series! That showed that Shock were a really powerful team in the GOATs meta!

OWL Season 2 Stage 2: The Golden Stage

Stage 2 would still have GOATs, but Shock were so dominant that they got the golden stage. 28-0-0 was the map score of the Shock! Not even drawing a single map! They made it to Stage 2 Grand Finals, and Sinatraa had several moments. He and Vancouver Titans Seominsoo were excellent Zarya’s constantly getting the charge, gravs. There was rarely a moment where I have seen their ultimates eaten by Dva, but there have been some unfortunate moments of having less than ideal gravs.  Their stats were almost dead even on Zarya for sure!

Courtesy of Overewatch League: Sinatraa Clutches A Teamfight With Significant Man Disadvantages

Sinatraa had a moment where he got Graviton Surge in around 30 seconds and carried his team in a 2 man down situation in Blizzard World! Even when Super’s Reinhardt died first, the Shock have Sinatraa to get a pick on the enemy team. Usually, Reinhardt dying first means that you lose the fight, but the Shock had that much trust in Sinatraa’s tracking ability as well as his pick potential. Later Sinatraa and the rest of Shock became Stage 2 Champions giving Vancouver Titans their first match defeat. Sinatraa has developed strong leadership qualities throughout the season to motivate his team to win. His confidence is definitely really inspiring for his teammates, and he really trusts his teammates to help his success. The old Sinatraa would have tried to carry by himself.  

OWL Season 2 Stage 2 Musings

SF Shock Perfect Stage Run

In my honest opinion, several factors that help him get stronger was definitely the coaching staff, teammates, and the meta itself. Crusty later becomes coach of the year. He has had perfect stages both on Boston Uprising and Shock! Junkbuck and Ninek definitely contributed to that success too. Sinatraa also has strong teammates, and in Overwatch, you need a strong team for any individual to look strong. In GOATS, it requires strong communication and teamwork. It would be fair to say that these factors have contributed to Sinatraa maturing to the player he is today. 

OWL Season 2 Stage 3: Struggles

Courtesy of Overwatch League: SF Shock Fall Short of Accomplishing the Reverse Sweep vs Shanghai Dragons

Stage 3 certainly had struggles almost losing against certain teams as well as losing to Chengdu Hunters and Houston Outlaws. Sinatraa was still outputting the damage with the input of his energy. He was known as the best high ground Zarya! Despite the losses, the Shock again made it to Stage 3 Grand Finals to face off against Shanghai Dragons. Dragons were up by 3-0, and Shock almost accomplished the reverse sweep falling short in Dorado It was definitely difficult for them due to the fact that they had like around 12 hours to prepare between their semifinal match against Valiant and their grand final match vs Dragons. Shock, despite the loss, were still a strong team that adapted through those struggles.

OWL Season 2 MVP

Sinatraa MVP Winner

In Stage 4, Sinatraa did not play much, and it was Architect and Striker’s turn to shine. That is not to say that Sinatraa has bad performances. As a matter of fact, he was a top 5 contender for winning OWL Season 2 MVP! Meta change means that you need your best players to play. Stage 4 was the time when 2/2/2 Lock was law, so Sinatraa had to relearn DPS since he was basically only playing Zarya for the other 3 stages due to GOATs  being meta for 3 stages. Sinatraa later claimed MVP for Season 2, so like Jjonak, that means that he would get to have a skin made to order for him!

OWL Season 2 Playoffs: Golden Losers Run

Fan (SwordMania) Video: Shock Pivotal Loss

In playoffs, Sinatraa would be the Doomfist player in the meta. It began with an unfortunate loss to the Atlanta Reign, but the Shock 4’0d Spitfire, Gladiators, Spark, and even NYXL on their path to the Grand Finals. They previously had the golden Stage 2 Run. Now, for the golden losers bracket to the Grand Final! It would then be time to fight the Vancouver Titans in the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Sinatraa still has his old self where he is a bit cocky. He said he would easy 4’0 them!

OWL Season 2 Grand Finals: Huge Accomplishment

Sinatraa with OWL Season 2 Trophy!

Sinatraa and the rest of Shock faced off against the Titans, and he did 4’0 them like he said. Sinatraa achieved his dream. Last year, the Shock were not that strong. Now, they dominated every playoff team after a match loss vs Atlanta Reign! It is a satisfying sight to see Sinatraa hold that trophy. He has overcome trashtalk, meta changes, formidable opponents, etc., but his 2019 journey did not quite end there despite that huge accomplishment! He has won OWL Season 2 MVP as well as the event itself, but he would compete for Team USA for the 3rd time in a row!

Overwatch World Cup 2019 Thoughts

Me With Sinatraa’s Family Watching Overwatch World Cup Group Stage

Shock teammates Super, Moth and Coach Junkbuck would join him while other teammates, Architect, Choihyobin, and Coach Crusty, would engage in that civil war competing for Team South Korea. USA was still being doubted due to last year’s run, and as always, people expect South Korea to win. 1 month later, USA would beat South Korea in the group stages 3-0, so that was a pivotal moment indeed, but not a means to an end. USA achieved 1st seed in their group, so they got a bye in the 6 team playoffs. Team USA looked more dominant than they have been, but those successes don’t mean much to audience because USA choked in playoffs last year.

Overwatch World Cup 2019 Semifinals: USA vs South Korea

USA would fight no other team than South Korea in the semifinals! This match is always hyped and is by far the most popular match in OWWC 2019. This match was fun to watch seeing that either team could have won about 3 of those maps. USA though had so much confidence in their ability to make unconventional plays as well as  trust in each other to succeed, and it was such a big moment for USA to beat South Korea! They lost 1 map and drew 1 map in the process ending up being a 3-1-1 victory.

USA Beats South Korea

Overwatch World Cup 2019 Grand Finals: USA vs China

USA Beats China in Grand Finals

USA would then have China to beat, and USA honestly seemed so dominant reminding us of Stage 2 Shock, and USA would finally win the World Cup after South Korea winning for 3 years in a row. Sinatraa and the rest of the team mentioned that they truly prepared for every single team and not just Team South Korea. They learned from past mistakes, and seeing that Sinatraa, Super, Moth, and Junkbuck are OWL Champions, they knew how to better prepare for teams in the future, and that knowledge has passed on to team USA. Sinatraa also won the MVP for the World Cup, but Sinatraa said that honestly, Corey deserved it! Sinatraa seems to be less selfish than he was in his past.

Sinatraa Adds 2 More to the Trophy Case

Closing Thoughts

Sinatraa has won MVPs and the main event in both OWL and OWWC! Now, Shock’s reputation looks so much better, and they have become the team to beat! It goes without saying that Sinatraa and his teammates has made significant improvements to make 2019 his year! Whatever successes and failures happen in the future, at least he can say that he was an OWL and OWWC champion! Nothing can take that away from him! He has shown not just his Tracer and Zarya skills, but also his Genji, Doomfist, Reaper, Mei, Soldier 76, etc. skills that help his team obtain the victory! He has gone from being super toxic and selfish player to a confident and mature teammate thanks to so many people and situations that have helped along the way!

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