South Korea OWWC Time Capsule: A Lunatic Hai Legacy.

Overwatch World Cup is a point of pride for many players. Not only do they get to play with the epitome of the ‘best of the best’ players of their country, but also coached by the best. It gives players the opportunity to flex their muscles to prove themselves. Seoul Dynasty has always been a present force in the OWWC until this year, 2019.


2016 was the first year of the World Cup, and no one knew exactly what to expect. It was a fan picked roster with the exception of a few spots that the leader was able to pick. Injae “Esca” Kim, Jehong “Ryujehong” Ryu, Jinhyuk “Miro” Gong, and Joonhyuk “Zunba” Kim were all present. To note that all the Seoul Dynasty players at the time were under Lunatic Hai with the exception of Zunba who was still under Conbox until the beginning of season 2 of Apex.

Esca’s massive Deadeye

This is the year that many of the players made their names for themselves in the non Korean regions. Ryujehong was the named the Ana God, Zunba Zarya, and Miro the Winston Legend.   

Zunba’s surprise Graviton Surge

Highlights included the Eichenwald Symmetra and Torb strategy, Zunba’s incredible Zarya ultimate against USA (see clip above), as well as not dropping a map to any of their opponents. This cemented the start of the Lunatic Hai legacy both in Korea and internationally. 

Photo Credit to Overwatch World Cup/Blizzard


The next year brought about the return of Ryujehong  and Zunba to the South Korean OWWC team, but also the addition of main support Jinmo “Tobi” Yang. This roster contained a mix of both Seoul Dynasty and NYXL (Lunatic Hai and LW) players.

2017 was the year of the DPS. The duo of Flow3r and Saebyeolbe really was the highlight of most of the matches, with the Seoul Dynasty members providing solid support for their teammates.

Photo Credit to Overwatch World Cup/Blizzard

Standout moments were Ryujehong’s Ana sleep on Agilities’ dragonblading Genji on Junkertown. Zunba set up the NYXL boys many times with his Graviton Surges as well as Tobi, though not on his main hero, providing many vital resurrections.

Ryujehong’s sleep dart onto dragonblading Genji


Fleta was the lone Lunatic Hai and Seoul Dynasty member present on the South Korean national team. Though he did not play in qualifiers in the Incheon, because of the allowance of substituting players in before Blizzcon Fleta was put on the starting roster.

Not only did he play over Libero, but he helped the South Korean team win for a third time in a row. His flexibility shined through even with the likes of Libero and Carpe on the team with him.

Photo Credit to Overwatch World Cup/Blizzard


Crusty said on the South Korean Overwatch World Cup stream with YBT that Libero, Architect, and Fleta all were on the same level. It was coaches’ preferences when it came to which of those three to pick. As Crusty is the head coach of the San Fransisco Shock he naturally chose Architect to be on the team.

Though I wish to have watched the legacy of a Seoul Dynasty player be on the national team, Fleta deserves a nice long break before the start of season 3. Hojin “iDK” Park carries on the Lunatic Hai legacy for the fourth year in a row, hopefully to a four-peat victory for the South Korean national Overwatch world cup team at Blizzcon. 

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