Spitfire Is Coming Home!

At 6pm, Tuesday the 5th of November, The London Spitfire Twitter account released a simple tweet… That tweet reads as followed “6 November #OWL2020” It was an exciting night for Spitfire fans!

By 9am on the dot, we had the announcement! Finally we were given information on our Homestand! One in London, the other in Birmingham, Season tickets open for purchase! It was all popping off for the Aces High family!

Homestand One

The first set of home games are on Saturday the 285th and Sunday the 29th of March 2020, Hosted inside the SSE Arena, Wembley. The venue is usually used for concerts and other events of that scale, making it a well equipped venue for the Spitfire to inhabit for the weekend. It normally holds a capacity of 12,500, however thats a full round court capacity. The capacity on the night will be around 9,000, making it a VERY large venue for the fans to take over. On that first weekend the team will host Boston, Toronto, Paris and New York.

Homestand Two

The second weekend is being held outside of London, taking place further north in Birmingham. The venue for the event is currently unknown. On that weekend the Brits host Boston and Toronto for a second time, as well as the Vancouver Titans, San Francisco Shock and the Los Angeles Gladiators.


Tickets are currently only available in those season ticket forms, with single day tickets being sold later in the month. The 3 packages available range from £795.00 to £200. Each package gains you different privileges, With the top tier gaining you access to the best seats in the house for both game days, as well as access to a special VIP lounge, VIP-only Spitfire & Cloud9 Meet and Greet, plus exclusive high-quality Spitfire swag you won’t get anywhere else.

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