Support Groups Answer the Call, Compete for Bragging Rights and Charity

This past Sunday, 4 OWL supporters’ clubs competed in the Homefront Supporter Series. Our very own Bat helped preview the event with 5 Deadly Venoms and Toronto Alpha Flight founder GreatRootBear. I went down to the Waypoint Cafe to see the action live.

3 sponsors were kind enough to offer a prize pot for the charities. NYXL owners ANDBOX and the Waypoint Cafe each donated $1000, while Vite Ramen added in $1337 (Nice). 50% of the pot went to the winning team, 30% to second place, and 10% each to the semifinalists.

Semifinals: TAF vs ARF

The first match in the single-elim tournament featured Toronto Alpha Flight and the Atlanta Royal Family. ARF partnered with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, who have been helping children in the city for over 100 years. TAF played for St. Michael’s Hospital, specifically to provide phone charging stations in the waiting room of the Trauma Unit. This cause was near and dear to GRB’s heart.

Most of the match featured the current Double Shield meta of Orisa and Reinhardt. TAF was able to win in a dominant 3-0. Overall, they were simply more coordinated than ARF. This off-meta play is a key example of coordinated ults. (Headphone Warning)

Semifinals: LSV vs 5DV

Before the second match, I made sure to get a picture with 5DV GM CurieuxQueen and show GRB’s jerseys side by side. Along with the Supporters Clubs, he is also Director of Ops for Contenders team Revival, and designed these jerseys and other great looking merch. He can really do anything.

RootBear owes me an A&W for this.

The second match was Houston’s Lone Star Vanguard playing against our home team, 5 Deadly Venoms, in a rematch of the original supporters series in April 2018. LSV played on behalf of Dell’s Children’s Hospital, “to benefit children in need of special medical attention through the love of video games.” 5DV partnered with University Settlement, “one of New York’s most dynamic social service institutions.”

Unfortunately for the people at Waypoint, LSV were able to beat 5DV in another 3-0 set. After the match I talked to some of the players from 5DV to get some reactions.

They took advantage of our weaknesses…and we didn’t capitalize.

5DV Support JayDe

I think we tried our best, and with the amount of scrim time, we had to try our best. It was a lot of micro mistakes…a bunch of little things I think we could’ve worked on.

5DV Tank FancyShrimps

Honestly it was a great match, I could definitely say they were more prepared, had some more interesting strategies. I thought they were gonna play regular but they came out with their own playstyle that I think put them over the top

5DV DPS Javion
Despite the loss, 5DV can still do it to em.

Grand Finals: TAF vs LSV

Before the finals, we were treated to everyone’s favorite game mode: Torbjorn 1v1, Hammers only. 5DV DPS and Hype Unit streamer Javion faced off against Team Hong Kong’s Moonblue, who currently lives in Toronto. After being down 3-1, and jumping off the map to set up a final, winner-take-all round, Moonblue was able to get the victory. (Again, Headphone warning at 0:18)

To cap off the night, TAF and LSV Played in the Grand Finals. This was the closest series of the day, if you don’t count the hammer showdown. After splitting the first 2 maps, TAF pulled away and won the next 2 to win the series 3-1.

In a surprise turn of events, thanks in part to a $1500 donation by the Toronto Defiant themselves, TAF decided to give their prize to both 5DV and ARF.

At the end of the day, I got to watch some good Overwatch for a good cause, and see some great people come together for it. If you would like to donate to any of the charities mentioned, you can click on the links provided with their names. You can also learn more about both the charities and the supporters clubs by clicking here.

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