Taking the Stage Once Again

Last weekend we got to witness the start of the latest season of the Overwatch League. It was great to see what the teams were able to cook up in the off-season and what new team comps we’d be seeing this season. Of course with the opening weekend out of the way, we now look forward to this weekend. February 15th and 16th, we will get to see the Mayhem, Outlaws, Justice, and of course the Fusion. With a lot of changes in the off-season and their home field advantage, what can we expect from the Fusion this weekend?

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The Opposition

Washington Justice

The first team the Fusion will be fighting this weekend is the Washington Justice. Last season the Justice made their debut in the Overwatch League ending with a less than stellar record. Last season the Justice were the third lowest team in the entire league. They ended up being just a few maps away from the Uprising and Mayhem. How do they come back from such a devastating first season?

Well, apparently dropping most of their roster is the answer. In the off-season the Justice dropped seven of their previous players, keeping only two original members. But of course with the drops came some new pick-ups. Two of the most notable players the Justice picked up were Elliot “ELLIVOTE” Vaneryd and Lukas “LullSiSH” Wilund. These two have been a notable tank duo in many Overwatch majors in the past. Now, they’re taking their first steps into the Overwatch League with the Justice. It will be exciting to see how the new Justice roster will perform. Hopefully it’s nothing the Fusion can’t handle.

Florida Mayhem

After they’re done with the Justice, the Fusion will be facing the Florida Mayhem on February 16th. The Mayhem have been in the Overwatch League since the first season, but have lacked a bit since. In the first season they ended as the second worst team in the league with a 7-33 record. The second season was not much better for them as they placed last with a 6-22 record. Many changes have occurred in the Mayhem roster, but the question remains: can they pull through? The Mayhem have had some notable moments in the past, but have always seemed to fall behind. Jeongwoo “Sayaplayer” Ha, is one of their most notable players with insane hit-scan abilities and has proved a threat to the Fusion squad before. So will Sayaplayer pull through and help the Mayhem start of their season right, or will the Fusion have what it takes to shut them down.

The Boys in Orange

So with the stage set and their enemies waiting, what will the Fusion do to start off their season right? They have the home field advantage, they have the crowd cheering for them, so what will the games look like?

Credit: Philadelphia Fusion/Blizzard Entertainment
Fish and Chipsa

One thing we saw in the first weekend of games was a surprising diversity of hero’s being played. One of the more notable returns we saw played a few times was Doomfist. As some of you may recall, the Fusion made a controversial pickup in the form of Philip “Chipsa” Graham. He’s a player known for his Doomfist play. I think you see where this is going. Now while he wasn’t played too much last week, whenever the Doomfist was in play, there were some big shifts in momentum. With what we’ve seen so far and our Doomfist specialist in our line-up, does this mean we will get to see famed Chipsa in action? One of the Fusions biggest set-backs last season was not having a strong Doomfist player. What better way to kick off the season than with one of the best Doomfist Players in the world! Now while most fans don’t see Chipsa starting over EQO, it wouldn’t be surprising if they swapped the two out for a few maps. How the games will play out remains to be seen, but I for one am definitely hoping so see some Chipsa in the mix.

Here come the big guns

As I mentioned earlier, the Justice picked up two dangerous tanks with ELLIVOTE and LullSiSH on their roster, so how will the Fusion retaliate? Well thankfully the Fusion are bringing back the most consistent off-tank, Poko. Poko has always been a major part of the Fusion’s success, being that he is almost always performing to his best. Not only is Poko coming back this season, the Fusion also has SADO coming back. Since his first appearance, SADO has always been a questionable addition to the roster. A lot of fans and analysts have blamed a lot of the Fusions downfall on SADO. This season could make for a great redemption for SADO and hopefully he will perform to his best this weekend.

On top of these two Fusion veterans, we also have Fury making an appearance with the team. Fury has a history of being an insane off-tank. He also is coming in from the London Spitfire who, if you recall, beat the Fusion in the first Overwatch League Grand Finals. With these tanks taking the charge, I would say the Fusion have a good chance of beating the Justice and their somewhat terrifying tank line.

I could use some support

One of the most tragic losses for the Fusion in the off-season was the trading of Neptuno. But of course with all great trades, there always must be a new pick-up. With Boombox still in the roster, the Fusion decided to pick up another British support, FunnyAstro. FunnyAstro is known as one of the best Lucio mains in the world. With him as our main support, we will most likely be seeing a lot more of him on stage. On top of that, the Fusion also picked up Alarm, a deadly off healer from Fusion University. The Fusion has always had a solid support line, but with these additions, I think we have a good chance of getting some solid games this season. Boombox has always been a great support for the Fusion, but it will definitely be great to see how the team plays with some new supports.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

What’s it all mean?

As of right now we cannot say for sure what will come of the Fusion this season. We are definitely looking solid. For our starting line-up I am guessing we will see Carpe and EQO starting on dps, but mixing in Ivy and Chipsa whenever the team deems necessary. For the tanks I think Poko and Fury will most likely be starting out, as Poko has revealed he has been playing a bit more Reinhardt recently. It would be interesting to say the least, but Poko has always proven himself an adaptable player, so he may be able to step up when necessary. And for the support line, we’ll most likely be seeing FunnyAstro run rampant on Lucio with Boombox and Alarm being switched out here and there.

With all the trades in the off-season, it’s hard not to be excited for the upcoming games this weekend. The Fusion has the potential to absolutely kill it this season, we just need to see how they start it off. The variables heavily weigh in the Fusions favor, but that won’t stop any fans there from cheering their heads off for our boys in orange.

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