Team Canada – Ready for Another Run at the Overwatch World Cup

The Overwatch World Cup. Unlike other World Cups that occur every four years, this e-sporting event takes place every year, where the best players in the world takes part in an “Overwatch League”-style competition to see which country is the best.

Canada, the country where I live in, has consistently been at the top of their game, although not as a good as say… the Korea Republic (a.k.a. South Korea). With the same class they had from 2017 with new additions, Canada is looking to improve their Bronze medal finish in last year’s edition seeking the goal of claiming the World Cup Championship for the first time in their history. Let’s start by showing what the GM of Team Canada, Jayne, has picked for the upcoming competition.

SureFour – L.A. Gladiators’ DPS Specialist

SureFour (a.k.a. Lane Roberts, from Alberta) was the easy choice. His DPS skills with snipers (Hanzo and Widowmaker) as well as sharp hitscanners (most notably McCree, Soldier: 76 and Sombra) are the reasons why he is staying on the national team.

He may have been bitter about his country finishing 3rd, despite his play in the Bronze Medal match against the United Kingdom last year. I am curious to know how he can improve his play on the World stage, after leading the Gladiators to the postseason.

Agilities – DPS, but newly Defiant

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Brady Girardi (a.k.a. Agilities) returns to the fold, still bringing his DPS prowess, despite playing against his Canadian rival in Surefour in League play (since Agilities was a member of the L.A. Valiant [see my article about the KariV signing]).

His play has not been as good as his Canadian rival (and now ally, with his signing with the Toronto Defiant) last season, due to his team barely missing the postseason, but he is ready to rock out with his use of Genji, Pharah, Doomfist and Junkrat. If a tank is needed, he can get after it with Roadhog.

Mangachu – From the 6ix to Rep the North

2018-11-03 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Liam Campbell (a.k.a. Mangachu). A fan favourite from the small town of Oakville, Ontario, is back for another go for championship glory for his country.

Despite seeing limited action with the Toronto Defiant this season, this “silly hero specialist” is hoping for a much better performance in the World Cup. One must question: What silly heroes does he plan to use to help Team Canada get far in the competition?

NotE – Dallas Fuel’s “fuelling” Offensive Tank

Lucas Meissner (a.k.a. NotE) from Barrie, Ontario is back for another shot.

This D.Va, Zarya and Roadhog master spent the majority of last season with the Dallas Fuel after the Boston Uprising let him go. Despite his team missing the postseason, he is hoping for bigger and better things for his country.

xQc – The Infamous Tank

Felix Lengyel (a.k.a. xQc). There have been a lot of whispers as to why he should play in the Overwatch World Cup, even though his toxic behaviour in the “Overwatch League” setting has barred him from competing in the latter. I have heard a conversation about this during a game I played on the console side, regarding xQc.

The conversation I had with a few friends I had, regarding xQc…

It sounds like some fans are taking a liking to xQc, especially his tank play. They are willing to ignore his toxic behaviour, recognizing he is that good. And despite the Silver Medal finish two years ago, it’s one of the reasons he was named T-Mobile MVP of the Overwatch World Cup.

Crimzo – Envious Supporter

William Hernandez (a.k.a. Crimzo) is the Support player for Team Envy, who plays in Contenders. He led his team to back-to-back North America West titles and appearances in both the Atlantic Showdown as well as the Gauntlet.

I am curious how effective he can run his main three support heroes (Ana, Moira & Zenyatta). If he can bring the play he did during the Contenders seasons he was involved in, then his teammates can surely win teamfights as well as win matches.

Bani – Texan Supporter, but Outlawed to the North

Chris Benell (a.k.a. Bani) of the Houston Outlaws is back for another rodeo in the Overwatch World Cup.

He is hoping for a much better performance than the Bronze Medal he and some of his Canadian teammates received from last year. With a widespread array of heroes to use in the Support role (Mercy, Lucio, Ana and Zenyatta) as well as an occasional Sombra, he might prove to be a dangerous threat to the competition.

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