The Cult of Ryujehong

Ryujehong has developed a cult like following. There is no secret meeting rooms with special robes in the cult of Ryujehong. Instead it is a group of esport players who not only are friends, but also look up to the FPS Legend. This article has no way of going into ALL fans, but notable ones will be covered.

*Please note that this article is just lighthearted fun and no offense was meant in any of the wording. This is the writer’s own opinions and takes on the player relationships based off of interactions.


One of the most well known Ryujehong fans. He had to stand by and watch his best friend, Gido ‘Gido’ Moon, play on a team with his idol as well as nab the MVP during the APEX era. While in Korea Jjonak never had an opportunity to play against his idol on stage. Jjonak notably has his settings the same as Ryujehong.

When both were in the same league, not only did they get closer as friends, but there interactions became more humorous. From the timid admittance that Ryujehong was his idol in Season 1 to the trash talk of him never letting Ryujehong win a match against him, their relationship has grown. He would definitely be a co-president of the cult of Ryujehong, who is secretly trying to take his “dad’s” throne away.


Gido would be the other co-president of the cult of Jehong. Not only is he best friends with Jjonak, but has just as close relationship with Ryujehong. In season 1, Gido loved to annoy Ryujehong hitting, pushing, and all around bothering him. It is noteworthy that Xepher was Ryujehong’s first roommate in the Seoul team house before Gido bullied his way in and took over.

Gido held an iron fist over the others, while still being one of the youngest. His vulnerable side was revealed, as well as his sassiness, whenever Ryujehong was around. When they were together it was as if they shared one brain cell and it was questionable at times who had it. It was never in doubt that Ryujehong adored and was protective over his maknae.


Jehong’s lunchboy. (*Lunch boy is a term for someone who is young enough to have to take lunch at school). Seungjun ‘WhoRU’ Lee I would say completes the trifecta of OG Jehong fanboys. Jjonak is the son who wants to overthrow ‘dad,’ Gido wants to be ‘dad,’ and WhoRU wants to be separate from dad but also wants his approval.

Ryujehong mentioned on stream that the player that he most wanted to play with in season 3 was WhoRU. Even though they haven’t been on a team for a while, their friendship is as strong as ever.

Stitch + Haksal

Haksal and Stitch are being put together, because they are the OTP dps duo now since birdscal has been split up.

Both of these boys adore Ryujehong. Stitch, while intoxicated, set up a shrine for Ryujehong, and offered him food. Ryujehong and Runner have been closer for a while, so it is natural that the OG Runaway squad would also be close to him. Stitch can be seen grabbing drinks and food with Ryujehong in the off season.

First Donation: A clip of drunk Stitch being a Jehong Fan boy
*Stitch dying*
Next donation: “Jehong saw this”
*Stitch actually dies*
Third donation: Clip of Jehong watching his drunk clip.
*Stitch has a mental breakdown*
Fourth: Telling Stitch, Jehong watched it twice.

Haksal is a sunflower to Ryujehong. This could be seen in the season 2 all star match when he was attached to the hip to Ryujehong. When they duo or happen to be in a match together, it is always filled with laughter and screams.

Both Haksal and Stitch are avid members of the Cult of Ryujehong. They enjoy their time with their older brother. I am sure chaos occurs whenever all three of them hang out together.


Birdring has another famous ‘hyung’ in Seagull. I was debating putting Birdring in here, but he is a Ryujehong dongsaeng through and through.

Birdring and Ryujehong social media interactions are always fun to see, but their pubg squad games is pure fun trash talk. He might not be the most well known member of the cult of Ryujehong, but he definitely enjoys his time with the living legend.

Seoul Dynasty Boys

This is obvious. It could be its own article. I will keep it short….ish, I promise. The Seoul Dynasty cubs and older members all look up to Ryujehong. This can be seen in how they copy all of his ‘sayings of the moment.’ Does anyone remember the “Holy sheeeet” era?

Yes. That is our cub Highly. Saying ‘Holy Sheeeet’

They look to him for reassurance. They try and stream snipe him. There is so much to say, but nothing to say at the same time. They are the members who both revere him, but also do everything in the power to annoy him as well.

Honorable mentions

Some players I would put on the same level as Ryujehong, one such player would be Saebyeolbe. There is a level of mutual respect that they have for each other on top of being really good friends. I would put Mano in the same category as Saebyeolbe. This is not to say that there is not a mutual level of respect between those mentioned above. There is of course, but more than an older brother that they look up to.

The Cult of of Jehong is not an exclusive club to say the least. He is always open for new members, new friendships to arise. The newest member would be Nero, who not only enjoys teasing Ryujehong online but also his admiration. I am sure many more will join as his career continues on.

Let me know in the comments below if you think I missed any essential ‘Jehong Hyung’ moments or Ryujehong Fanboys.

As always RoarOn.

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