The Old and The New; A Fusion 2020 Roster Analysis

The Fusion has recently announced most of their 2020 roster for the Overwatch League season. While many teams are going full on budget mode for the upcoming season, some teams are building super teams to try and mirror big successes like the Shock and Titan’s Season 2 rampage. It’s time to take a look at this new roster to see if they have what it takes to compete against the other teams in the league.

The New

Some of our new additions make sense, some were surprising, and some downright make no sense at all. Let’s take a peek at what these new addition have to offer, shall we?


I don’t know how to describe Ivy other than, washed up. After Stage 1 with the Toronto Defiant, he went on quite the slump. I’m not going to discredit his abilities though, as I have not seen much of his game play, but why pick him up when we already have EQO? We already have the Carpe and EQO synergy built up. To me, this pick up makes no sense.


What are we going to do with you Fury when we already have Poko? I can’t see many good reasons to pick him up besides appeasing Carpe. Communication? Maybe. Base Korean roster? Maybe. We will have to wait and see what their game plan is because I have no idea with Fury.


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Now this, this is what we’ve been waiting, isn’t ladies and gentleman? The man, the myth, the legend himself, Alarm. While Fusion university didn’t perform up to standards in Contenders Korea, Alarm still shined. Now with him finally turning 18, he can now join the league and dominate the battlefield. But unfortunately, will most likely be replacing Boombox.


This is the Neptuno replacement we’ve been waiting for. This kid is insane, in fact, him and ATL Academy got third place in the Contenders Gauntlet. This was just about a month ago too! He has so much potential, and I believe this addition will give Fusion one of the best support lines in the league.

The Old

To be completely honest, they kept more of the original players than I thought they would. They have kept the entire starting 6, except for Neptuno. But besides him, lets take a glance to see if keeping them were a good idea.


This one isn’t a surprise, considering he is a face of the franchise. He might have been given a lot of smack this season, but he was stuck in the GOATS prison the whole time. He is an amazing player and deserves another chance.

Via @JacobWolf on Twitter

According to EspnEsports writer on Twitter, Jacob Wolf, Carpe has been signed to the Fusion for three years. They must have major trust in him if this is true. TL;DR, Carpe saw that Comcast money.


Also, not a surprise, as many of these have been. Poko is insanely popular and an amazing off tank. But just like Boombox, will most likely will wound up being put on the bench, as they now have Fury. His Pokobombs, as they have been dubbed, are iconic, I’m sure they will find a way to get him play time.


Out of everything they have announced, this is the biggest surprise to me. Even at his best, he was mediocre. I would’ve suspected they would pick up Kaiser or Beast from Fusion Uni to replace him. They didn’t even announce a new main tank for the team. Apparently, their are more announcements to come, so its a possibility we will get a new main tank and put Sado on the bench. Most likely, they are keeping him for his Winston expertise in case of a Dive Meta comeback.


I can see the potential in this, but not the reason. He is an amazing flex support, but with Alarm on the team, whats the point? Unless there is a meta with 2 flex supports he will be utterly useless. So unless a meta that specific happens, one of them will always be on the bench.


We got jebaited. They confirmed he was off the team in a tweet. And in the last seconds of the roster video, after the end sequence, they showed him. I’m not going to complain, I have nothing bad to say. He is an amazing player and the team would not be the same without him. I’m just glad he’s still with us.

Final Thoughts

To be completely honest, I don’t know how to feel about this team. It feels like they tried to build a super team, but fell short. They have up to two people in the exact same roles in which inevitably one will be benched. Though, I have seen an idea passed around that they are making two teams to save on travel. But then would some players not play home games, and what if one is injured or sick? I can’t see that working well. They just need a couple more things for me to see them as a playoff contender and that is a main tank and another hitscan and they are good. But either way, with just a little more pushing, this team will do great!

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