The reason Boston sold tickets to 2020 homestand without a venue

Tickets to the Overwatch League’s 2020 season went on sale this past Wednesday. Teams rushed to share the venues, ticket plans, and prices with fans. Well, almost all the teams. And almost all that information. Because all the Chinese teams, Seoul, Washington, and London didn’t offer tickets. That’ll happen at some later date. But even stranger, Boston went out in a way that no other team did. The Uprising decided to out with tickets for a venue they hadn’t found yet. Sounds like a great plan right?

Ticket prices for the April 25th and 26th homestand are already the priciest in the league. VIP Level will cost fans $354 (with $6.25 in fees on top of that) – the priciest ticket in the league so far. The site describes these seats as, “reserved for fans who want to be as close to the stage as possible, and that’s YOU.” But why would Boston have gone out with tickets if they didn’t have a venue picked out?

Sources from the Uprising say that the league issued the schedule to the team in May. This left Boston scrambling, as the league also pressured teams to join the initial ticket release this past week. In the three months in between, the Uprising were unable to locate a venue. Despite the plethora of entertainment venues in the city, many of these locations are booked over a year in advance. With the first homestand only 11 months away, the Kraft Group have yet to find anything.

While unwilling to give us details of ongoing negotiations, sources within the Uprising did give some specifics. Both Matthews and Agganis Arena are booked the weekend of the two homestands. Boston has claimed they will secure a location in the city, but no other details could be given at this time.

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