The Shanghai Masters Invitational and What It Implies For Charge 2020

This weekend, the four Chinese Overwatch League teams met to brawl it out in Shanghai. And while the Shanghai Dragons emerged victorious, we still got to see the Guangzhou Charge’s 2020 roster in action. So even though we got 3-0’d, here is my analysis on why it showed the positives Charge fans have to look forward to in 2020.

Hangzhou Spark congratulating Shanghai Dragons on their victory.

New Talent

Most importantly, today we saw the incoming players picked up by Guangzhou this off season. I would not be wrong to say that they all impressed me. In particular, Wya stood out. Before today, I believed that he would split playtime with Shu, however he started on Map 1 against the Hunters. Although we ended up losing that map, he far outperformed my expectations and I believe that he is an excellent pickup.

The other two new players also performed well. Cr0ng was solid, playing Sigma for the majority of the game. I would have liked to see more pop off moments from him, but I think that he has earned his place on the roster, replacing Hotba. NeptuNo showed that he was a worthwhile pickup for the Charge. He played Mercy to pocket Nero or Eileen’s Pharah. However, as a veteran OWL player, he played as well as expected.

Team Play

Unfortunately, where the Charge fell apart today was the fact that they have not gelled as a squad. Reportedly, they only had one or two days of training as a squad before today. This really showed, particularly in the new players who sometimes seemed to lack the best comms. Furthermore, we played against the Hunters, nearly all of whom played together on team China at the World Cup. I believe that with more time bonding together, the Charge can reach their full potential.


I was disappointed to discover that the Masters Invitational would be played on the Live Patch. This meant that Double Barrier was still meta, and we did not get to see what the meta would likely be heading into 2020. I would have loved to see the teams experimenting with compositions but sadly not. However, this does mean that the Competition is almost negligible when it comes to power rankings. We do not know yet what team is going to be strongest when the PTR balance changes come to Live. However, the Shanghai Dragons should still be proud of their achievement here today. Furthermore, it displayed some of the weaknesses that the Charge have to iron out before 2020. If they can build up synergy before 2020, there should be very little other teams can do to resist the Charge!

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