The shield of two teams: Mano, a 2017/2019 tank preview.

With Overwatch Would Cup this week, I wanted to take a look at a player that is not only a key part to the 2019 roster for Team Korea, but has been in the past with the 2017 team: Main Tank player, Mano. 

Team Korea, 2017


In 2017 Team Korea looked to repeat as champions once more. With the line up of Saebyeolbe, Fl0w3R, zunba , Mano, ryujehong, and tobi it was hard to believe that they wouldn’t repeat as champions, and they did repeat, but lets take a look at a big piece to that line up, Mano. Mano looked to lead the charge along side Zunba to be a very strong Tank line for Team Korea. Mano’s most known for his amazing play as Winston. Most consider him one of, if not the best Winston player in the world, and Winston play had a big role in the 2017 World Cup alongside Reinhardt, and a bit of Orisa.                  

Mano Corner Combo | Overwatch World Cup VS USA

2017 compared to 2019:

A lot has changed going from the game in 2017 to 2019. Team Korea looks very different, younger, and a more aggressive style from past teams. Mano looks to be the veteran presence on the team along side Carpe, Architect,  Haksal , ChoiHyoBin, iDK , and Bdosin. Looking back at 2017 we saw a lot of Winston play along side the ‘dive’ style, but what do we see in 2019? Mano looks to be on Orisa as the ‘Double Shield’ along side Sigma look to be continuing to be the style played going into OWWC 2019 (unless a team comes out with a surprise new strat that sticks). Could we possibly see Winston make a return? One of Mano’s comfort picks? Very much so with the buffs he has received along side the nerfs Orisa/Sigma took.   


With the 2019 OWWC Team Korea line up looking to be a bit more of an aggressive style compared to past teams, it will be very interesting to see how Mano meshes in with the team with his more defensive tank style. Along side the aggressive style of ChoiHyoBin this can be a very interesting tank line compared to past lineups. Will Mano’s defensive style be able to mix well with the aggressive style we seem to think is coming from the 2019 team? Or will Mano have trouble having to play more aggressively then he has ever had to play?

Tune in to Team Korea’s first match Friday, Nov. 1st, when the group stage play begins at 12:15 p.m. PT, at Blizzcon 2019!

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