The Washington Justice’s Crazy Off Season Rebuild

The Washington Justice’s off season has been pretty insane. The Justice have released and gained a lot of staff on the roster and seem to be in full rebuild mode. Who have they released and where could they possibly be going this off season? We answer those questions and more in this off season update.

First to Fall: The Coaching Staff

To begin the crazy off season, on September 30th the Justice announced the release of their coaching staff. They released 4 members of the coaching staff, AVALLA, MKL, Shrugger and head coach Wizardhyeong. The off season began with a bang for the Justice and even though they had an excellent showing in stage 4, the Justice management still couldn’t seem to shake the first 3 out of their head. See our interview with AVALLA here.

Returning Faces

After the Justice announced their coaching staff releases they confirmed 3 players to be staying with the team in 2020. The returning players include 2019 DPS Role Star, Corey and the Swedish tank line of Ellivote and LullSiSH. The tank line didn’t get to play during the 2019 season because of Visa issues so 2020 is their chance to shine. The confirmed returns were the first time that suggested the Justice could possibly go to a full English speaking roster. These 3 all look like very likely starters for the 2020 season.

The First Player Moves

The first player moves during the off season was the release of Ado, Hyeonu, Janus and Sansam. These 4 player moves make me truly believe the Justice were going full English. 3 out of the 4 players released here were starters. I think this 100% means that they could be losing all Korean players.

The First Addition

The first addition made during the off season was the new head coach, JohnGalt. The new pickup is a former coach for the LA Gladiators and I think this is a really good pickup. JohnGalt has past success and this seems to give even more support to the theory that the Justice are going full English speaking.

Round 2 Player Releases

The second round of player releases were a partial shocker. The Justice decided to part with Sleepy and Gido. Gido started and ended the season with the team and Sleepy came in at a crucial time for the Justice. Sleepy was a certain surprise being that they were looking towards a full English roster. Recently a report came out about contenders and OWL free agents and their offers from OWL teams. Sleepy was joined in with Ark on offers made from Houston. If Sleepy does end up going to Houston, this release would make a bit more sense for the team. The Justice continued to make big moves towards the 2020 OWL season.

Where do the Justice go from here?

Based off of everything that’s happened during the off season so far, it seems like a sure thing that the Justice go full English. The Justice seem to be making moves to release their Korean players and completely overhaul their 2019 roster. The Justice could pick up anybody during this off season as everything looks wide open for the Justice. The off season is sure to get even crazier for the Justice and their fans.

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2 thoughts on “The Washington Justice’s Crazy Off Season Rebuild

  1. What a garbage article LMAO

    Sleepy is the most overrated support in OWL, he’s clearly worse than Gido. Their worst move was releasing Sansam who was by far their best player on Stage 4.

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