Top 5 Rookies to Watch in OWL 2020

In 2020, 56 rookies will be added to the Overwatch League. There’s so many new faces to the league this year and so many new stars to look out for. Whether you’re the London Spitfire and go all in on the rookie hype or the Outlaws who are more into old faces, there’s a lot to be excited for in Season 3. Today we’ll go over the top 5 rookies to look out for in 2020 and why they’re so hyped up.

Side note, some of the descriptions of the new rookies are written by other writers from WatchPoint: Lobby. I didn’t have expert knowledge of some players so I got some help!

Honorable Mentions

The Returning Fearless – I know he’s not technically a rookie but I had to talk about him. Fearless was on the 0-40 Shanghai Dragons in Season 1 and was ultimately dropped after the season. He then went back to Contenders and played for Team CC, Shanghai’s academy team, who got second place in Chinese Contenders Season 2. He’s earned his way back into the league and is one of the biggest stories going into Season 3. Will he get that first win like some of his other former season 1 teammates? Personally, I think he’ll shine and will actually be one of the best. He has experience and with a very solid team around him, he could be one of the top main tanks in the league.

Chipsa – Memes.

6. Sp9rk1e and Heesu

Okay so it’s a top 5 I know but I had to include Sp9rk1e and Heesu. You’re probably wondering why they’re not higher but it’s because they’ll be inactive for a majority of the season. Heesu won’t be able to play until Fusion’s 10th match of the season and for Sp9rk1e it will be the Eternals 17th game. I would put these two in the top 5 for sure but I wanted to leave the top 5 to players we’ll see all season long. Although I’m sure these two will be stars and will live up to every bit of hype that they have, I have to put them at joint 6th, even though it’s a top 5, because they deserve it.


“We signed Bernar from Fusion University where on the team, he was competing with QOQ, Cr0ng and Hanbin for the top Off-Tank in Contenders Season 2. He’s a player mainly but has a good Zarya and Hog to boot. He is no Fury of course… Fury is the best Off-Tank in the league and it would be almost impossible for Bernar too offset that. But for a cheap replacement for Fury, Bernar may be up there with one of the most overlooked signings of the year. He is a winner and is young, coachable and willing to learn. Ngl… I can’t wait to see him play” – Syrup, WPL Writer for the London Spitfire

4. MirroR

Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Gladiators

“As part of the LA Gladiators new damage duo, Chris “MirroR” Trinh brings an exciting level of depth not only at his position, but in his game sense as well. With his ability to switch between hit-scan, sniper, projectile, and mobile heroes like Genji and Doomfist, there’s rarely a scenario where MirroR can’t find the right hero for the job. Having the mechanical skills to excel at multiple heroes in his roles will prove invaluable in the world of role locked hero pools. That versatility will serve MirroR and the Gladiators well as they adapt to the week-to-week demands of unavailable heroes.

Since MirroR isn’t locked in on just one hero, or even a type of damage hero, the team will have the chance to succeed no matter what heroes are available. More importantly, MirroR likes to talk. A lot. When he’s in the team chat on his streams, he is an incredibly active calling fights. He establishes targets to focus on, and sets up combos with his teammates. This will be incredibly helpful to the Gladiators, who suffered somewhat with only Roar calling the shots during team fights. Having another voice call out accurate, useful information should let the Gladiators adapt more fluidly to chaotic engagements.

It’ll be interesting to see how MirroR adjusts to playing at the pro level. His on academy on the Uprising’s academy team will no doubt serve him well when he takes the stage against the Titans on Saturday. No matter what, though, the results are bound to be exciting to watch.” – therickt, WPL Writer for the LA Gladiators

3. Glister

Another player from the Spitfire’s rookie roster and I think this one will be the best of the bunch. Glister is a former player for Gen. G in Contenders Korea. Glister is one of those hyped DPS players coming into the league but I think he’ll live up to it. He has the mechanical skill to compete in the OWL level and in my opinion, he could be one of the biggest standout players out of the hyped DPS coming into the league.

2. Hawk

This guy is probably the tank that people are most excited to see in the league in 2020. Hawk is a player known for his mechanics who was previously on Atlanta Academy. The team placed second in the Gauntlet and first in Contenders Season 2. Coming from one of the most accomplished teams in the last year, Hawk is who everyone wants to watch in 2020. To me, Hawk could really be a top 3 tank in the league this year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a Rookie of the Year candidate. He knows what winning feels like and I think that he’s a great addition to the Reign roster. I also have him on my WPL fantasy team for this year so we lucked out. EZClap.

1. Alarm

Alarm is the most hyped rookie in 2020 that isn’t named Sp9rk1e. A former player on the incredible Fusion University roster, he is who everyone is excited to see this year. Being a flex support in OWL is tough with the level of skill the role has to offer and based on everything we’ve seen in contenders, he can definitely keep up. Like Hawk, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alarm as a candidate for Rookie of the Year and in my opinion, I see him winning it this year. I have high hopes for Alarm this year and I like everyone else think he could be one of the best in the league! He’s also part of my WPL fantasy team so that’s huge. EZClap x2.

Final Thoughts

OWL in 2020 looks stacked when it comes to rookies in the league. With all the new excitement from these players, can they live up to the hype? I think they can and they all have the potential to become future stars of the OWL!

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