Ups and Downs: Washington Justice’s Offseason (So Far)

The Justice’s offseason so far has been a little slow but it’s definitely progressing! They’ve resigned key players from last year, signed a few new players, and revamped their coaching staff so far. With time still left in this offseason, there’s a good chance for even more to happen with the Justice squad. Today, we’re going to go over Ups and Downs for the Washington Justices offseason so far!

Up: Resigning Corey and Stratus

Resigning the DPS line of Corey and Stratus is a big deal for the team and the fans. Fans fell in love with these 2 after seeing their antics on and off stage, not to mention the insane ability they both have. Even in the Justice’s darkest spots, they always seemed to lift up fans and never failed to pop off. Even more so, these 2 have been building synergy for so long and pair so well together. They also have added TTuba to the DPS lineup who is sure to fill up the cracks in the pairs’ hero pool. This duo comes in a package, and they’re staying together!

Up: Keeping the Swedish Tank Duo

Ellivote and Lillsish have spent the majority of their Overwatch careers together. They’ve been playing on teams together for a long time starting out on Vivi’s Adventure in 2017. They later moved over to Angry Titans in late 2017-2019. The duo then played on Team Envy together for a short while before finally making it on the Washington Justice. However, it ended up that the pair wouldn’t be able to play because of the length of the visa process. Although disappointing, the silver lining is the fact that they’ve been building synergy for a good while now. During the offseason the Justice also added r0ar to the team from the Los Angeles Gladiators, who looks to be a strong backup for the pair. The duo looks to make their debut in OWL 2020 and judging by their past history, they’re sure to be one of the strongest tank lines in OWL!

Up/Down: A Mixed Roster

I can’t give this an up or down but it has to be mentioned. Although there has been success with mixed rosters in the past, there has also been a lot of failure with them too. I think that a mixed roster isn’t a bad thing but the coaching staff really need to put in the work to make it successful. This cant be an up or a down because we’ll just have to wait and see come 2020. There’s absolutely a chance this could go great for the Justice but, it could also blow up in their face. Come 2020, we’ll see if the coaching staff really did put in the work to make it go well!

Up: The New Coaching Staff

After releasing the coaching staff from the 2019 season, including Avalla who we did an interview with that you can read here, the Justice looked to sign some new faces in the offseason. They definitely chose some good options. They started with signing Bawlynn, who later after joining the team became the general manager for the gold medal winning 2019 Team USA. After that they brought on JohnGalt as the new head coach of the team from the Los Angeles Gladiators. Bringing on a head coach with previous OWL experience is great for the team and I think having a coach like him will help the team really shine. Next, the team added Sup7eme as a developmental coach who was formerly on the Hangzhou Spark. Another coach with OWL experience is never a bad thing. Then the team brought on Wiz as a strategic coach who was previously on XL2. Finally, they brought on Bani who I think adds some real depth to the coaching staff. The new coaching staff for the Justice look really well rounded and I think the organization really brought on some great staff for the 2020 season.

Down: An 8 Man Roster

Considering the rosters that other teams have formed, I think 8 may be too small. Small rosters have worked of course but I like the idea of a little bit bigger roster to add depth. Considering the talent in contenders, the Justice definitely could’ve found some more talent to add to the team. The offseason isn’t over and it’s pretty much certain that more players for the Justice are to be announced. As it stands though, they only have an 8 man roster. If they’re going to sign more players, they need to do it now. The sooner the team can start building synergy, the better. This is another one of those things where we’ll have to wait and see as the offseason goes on.

Up: A Promising 2020

The team in 2020 so far, looks extremely promising. With the Swedish tank duo, the DPS line of Corey and Stratus, and the support line of AimGod and Ark looking like the likely starting 6, the team looks poised to be a top team in 2020. Although the WatchPoint Lobby writer power rankings put them at rank 19, I expect this team to make it far in OWL 2020 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the squad in playoffs! OWL 2020 looks good for the Justice and it looks even better as a fan of the team!

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