Washington Justice’s Week 2 Preview

We’ve finally gotten through a crazy week 1 and now it’s time. The boys of the Washington Justice are going to take the stage this week in Philadelphia. After an off-season of making a mostly new roster and creating a whole new coaching staff, we look at Justice’s first games of the season. Will they start the season off with a few wins or will they falter, let’s take a look!

LullSiSh Missing the Beginning of the Season

After last season where LullSiSh and Ellivote couldn’t play because of Visa issues, we all thought they were all worked out for Season 3, turns out the issues are back with a vengeance. The Justice twitter tweeted out, “due to extenuating circumstances with his Visa, LullSiSh is expected to miss the start of the season.” The Swedish pair have had lasting synergy for years and for them to not be able to start the season together just hurts my heart. Thankfully the Justice do have a backup main tank in rOar. He doesn’t have the synergy that LullSiSh has, but he certainly has skill. I think the Justice do take a hit from this but I don’t think it’s the worst thing that could ever happen. I hope we can see LullSiSh and Ellivote on stage together sometime this season but for now, I think it will be alright.

Match #1: Taking on the Philly Fusion

The first match of the season is against the Philadelphia Fusion and honestly, this is going to be a tough match for the Justice. I think when it comes to the DPS it’s going to be a slug fest between most likely Carpe and Eqo VS Corey and Stratus. With how stacked the DPS lineups are this season, these 2 teams have some of the most standout lineups in the entire league.  The always nutty Carpe VS the god Corey is going to be an insane duel. I hope that I get to see those two play widow because that duel sounds like the most entertaining thing in the world. This match is going to be an amazing fight and it will most likely be a close contested match between these two.

Match #2: Facing the Outlaws from Houston Texas

Up next the team takes on the Houston Outlaws. This could be one of the most interesting matches of the entire Philly homestand. I think the new tankline of rOar and Ellivote VS one of the most interesting in the league of Muma and Meko, this will be a telling match. It will also be interesting to see the Justice’s support line take on one that will most likely be Jecse and Rapel. I have high hopes for this match and I could see it going the distance. This one will likely be the match that tells us where the Justice truly are and I can’t wait to see it.

My Predictions

These are both very hard matches to predict. Especially since it’s the first time we’ll be seeing all of these teams this homestand, it’s very hard to know where they all stand right now. It may be tough, but here’s my predictions for the Justice’s first 2 matches of the season!

Washington Justice 1-3 Philadelphia Fusion
I see Washington struggling in this one and I think that Fusion could be one of the top teams in the league this year. If they can gel together quicker than the Fusion can though, they could come away with it here. I think the match will be extremely close and either can win but I do have the Fusion coming away with it for now.

Washington Justice 3-1-2 Houston Outlaws
I think this scoreline will be the most interesting of the homestand. I can absolutely see this match going to 5 maps and I think it will but I actually think 1 map will be a draw. This series is going to go the distance and it’ll be who can stay sharp for longer. I think Washington will actually get it done. This will be close but I see Washington getting their first win VS the Outlaws.

Final Thoughts

The Justice have a few tough matches up during the Philly homestand and I think they have a good chance to come out on top in both of them. If things go right for the team, we could quite possibly see them start the season 2-0 which would be amazing. I have high hopes for the team this season, let’s see how they start off. Watch live on YouTube on Feb 15th at 6pm and Feb 16th at 4pm to see the Justice boys take the stage for the first time this year!

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