Watchpoint: Lobby’s Week 1 OWL Power Rankings

Every week our 50+ writers submit their own individual power rankings. The Editor-in-Chief compiles and averages them for a site wide power ranking. Then you get to hear the writer’s response to their peers’ rankings. Here are the results.

After an exciting start to the 2020 Overwatch League season, the high of the offseason is wearing off for many teams. What many thought would be unquestionable success is turning into skepticism. Teams thought to be bottom tier are showing signs of life. And though the top tier teams remain relatively the same there is movement in our power rankings. Here are the raw scores:

20. Boston Uprising

Last week: #19 (down 1)

“Imagine if your team had to open the season by walking into the Hammerstein Ballroom and playing the NYXL. How would you have done? There aren’t many teams that’d walk out happy in that circumstance. Add to that the typical off-season hate parade that Boston gets annually and here we are at the bottom of the Power Rankings. That’s fine. I know who we are and I know what we can do. You’ll all pay for this.”
Editor-in-Chief & Boston writer

19. London Spitfire

Last week: #18 (down 1)

“After a disappointing opening weekend, I did expect this slide down the power ranking table. Almost non-existent against Paris, the team struggled to find any cohesion and without a Glister and Bernar carry, it looks like it will be a tough season ahead. Despite all of this though, I think it’s fair to say that 19th is a little harsh on the boys from the Spitfire. For many within the team it was the biggest stage they had ever played on and clearly for some nerves would have played an important part, hampering their play. The team also showed signs of life against New York, stealing a map and silencing the raucous home crowd, which again would have only increased the pressure on an experienced team. Overall, with a lot of games left for this team as well as many teams like Houston still having not played this season, it’s still far too early for the Spitfire to be this low in the standings.”
London Spitfire writer

18. Dallas Fuel

Last week: #14 (down 4)

“Frankly, I’m insulted. Sure, we lost both of our first matches, but they were both close games, in which the Fuel showed real promise. It’s clear that the Valiant are a better team than most gave them credit for going into the season, but several of those maps came down to KSP clutching the final fight. No one gave Dallas a chance to beat the Shock, but they came close to doing it anyway. This team has proven that it can hang with the toughest in the league and at least make it competitive. This is a situation of the box scores not telling the full story. Both matches ended in 1-3 loss, but anyone who watched the games could tell you it was much closer than that. I think Dallas is a team on the rise, and I look forward to seeing how they stack up against the rest of the league.”
Dallas Fuel writer

17. Florida Mayhem

Last week: #17 (no change)

“While Dallas has an amazing DPS line and a map win over SFS, along with LAV showing utter dominance you would think at some point the mayhem would drop a spot. However with teams like Boston shitting the bed, Paris being meh, and London falling right into out expectations it’s no surprise why we are still 15th. While the opening weekend burdens more questions on our team due to the recent showings of Dallas and LAV most people are very optimistic about Florida’s DPS lineup. Despite our questionable tank line and worries that Kris will not step up most people find that putting mayhem at 15th is the right fit for this team.”
Florida Mayhem writer

16. Houston Outlaws

Last week: #15 (down 1)

“The Outlaws being at 16 shows that they have something to prove. As they approach their first week of play, the roster changes that the outlaws made are gonna be put to the test. I see the outlaws as having a high ceiling should pickups like Jecse, Meko, Rapel, and Hydration perform to their ceilings as well. With an all new coaching staff, the Outlaws are sure to improve upon last years struggles.

The reasoning they are at 16th is most likely because they haven’t had a chance to play yet. They have the chance to show to the OWL community that they are not the same squad from last year. Their first true test is this Saturday against the Florida Mayhem!”
Houston Outlaws writer

15. Chengdu Hunters

Last week: #12 (down 3)

“Chengdu at 15 seems a little low, but with a total of 10 teams playing, none of which are in the Pacific East, and I’m skeptical that Chengdu really deserves to be this low. Sure, they have no matches to boost them, but it certainly shouldn’t count against them. Even still, Chengdu ranked at 15 is almost scarier than Chengdu ranked at 12, where they finished last year. The scariest thing about this team is their unpredictability and chaotic style, and the less they have to lose, the more they’re going to be willing to embrace the chaos. Once Chengdu start playing, expect them to surpass this ranking and show why they are one of the most popular teams among fans of OWL.”
Chengdu Hunters writer

14. LA Valiant

Last week: #20 (down 6)

“After spending pre-season in the bottom of most power rankings, the Valiant have climbed their way right out, and as a fan, it feels like victory. The Valiant suddenly look like an actual team, not the cellar dwellers they were supposed to be. After a great game against the Fuel and a loss, but only to one of the best teams in the league, the Valiant can suddenly compete. The new players turned a lot of heads this weekend, especially Lastro and KSP. Valla stock is definitely on the rise, and they will have more and more eyes on them as we continue to see what the potential of this team can be.”
LA Valiant writer

13. Washington Justice

Last week: #11 (down 2)

“So this week we’re at 13th down 2 from last week which is understandable. I think this is a pretty good place for the Justice right now considering the showings that teams like London and the Valiant had in New York. I do think that they’ll surprise a lot of people this weekend against the Outlaws and the Fusion in Philly though. The games at the Philadelphia homestand do look pretty tough but if there’s any team that can take down these two, it’s the Justice. I expect the Justice to go up a few spots in the next power rankings after everyone sees them pop off this weekend!”
Washington Justice writer

12. Paris Eternal

Last week: #16 (up 4)

“Finally, people stopped sleeping on Paris Eternal ! We’re not quite there yet, but there’s some progress in our rankings and we can only hope the upwards trend continues. Xzi popping off and the team doing decently despite some major handicaps should make you pretty excited to see what they’re going to be able to pull off when they’re at full power. Keep an eye out for HanBin’s debut in DC! It’s sure to be good.”
Paris Eternal writer

11. Toronto Defiant

Last week: #13 (up 2)

“Defiant are likely a middle of the pack team so anywhere close to 10th is fair judgement. Fortunately, Kariv’s Ana is meta, and that may have been one of the factors that allowed Toronto to rise from 13th to 11th . Also, another factor may have been based on Week 1’s transitive property. London could have beaten the prestigious NYXL in several maps and the fact that some maps were close allowed observers to want to rank London higher. London, however lost 0-3 to Paris who lost 1-3 to Toronto thus helping give Toronto a higher ranking.  The DPS are proven but can show signs of inconsistency. The tanks have adapted as the series went on. Kariv played extremely well, and Kellex is great at relieving pressure to allow his team to shine. The next matches against Philadelphia Fusion and Atlanta Reign will truly test Toronto’s capabilities of being close to a top 5 team.”
Toronto Defiant writer

10. Guangzhou Charge

Last week: #9 (down 1)

“While it is disappointing to see the Guangzhou Charge drop one place in our power rankings, it was totally to be expected. As one of the teams who will not be able to play any games until later in the season due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I would expect us to drop a few more places in the coming weeks as the Charge become more and more of a stand out unknown. Our DPS lineup still looks to be among the most deadly in the League, alongside potential rookie of the year in Cr0ng and a world-class support line of neptuNo and Shu. I have no worries about the Guangzhou Charge falling a few places in these next few rankings. We will make everyone regret their lack of faith soon.”
Guangzhou Charge writer

9. Seoul Dynasty

Last week: #8 (down 1)

“With many teams that were considered weak playing really well last weekend is normal that some of them climbed a little bit the rankings and took Seoul a position down. But it’s also important to analyze how this meta affects Seoul (a subject that inclusively was covered by the WPL this week) and it turns out that team have great chances of adapting well to this meta, which would make them better than just 9th placeMessage #seoul-dynasty”
Dire Wolf GoT
Seoul Dynasty writer

8. LA Gladiators

Last week: #10 (up 2)

“The Gladiators showed any doubts surrounding its new lineup can safely be put to rest. The team has depth, which will be essential to managing the impending world of hero pools. It’s sad we won’t see them for a month, but just means we get to build even more anticipation for when they return”
LA Gladiators writer

7. Hangzhou Spark

Last week: #7 (no change)

“Really, it’s very difficult to gauge the Spark’s future performance until their matches… but now that they’re postponed, only time will tell. From here on out we’ll see the Spark move sporadically up and down power rankings until we can see their true performance, but I think the rest of the league will be pretty shocked when the time comes for them to play. I’m pleased with their continuance in 7th place all things considered!”
Hangzhou Spark writer

6. Philadelphia Fusion

Last week: #6 (no change)

“Looks like we didn’t move from the pre-season rankings. Which is unsurprising, considering we haven’t played yet. Saying that—it’ll be interesting to see how last weekend effected LA Valiants standings and the bottom end of the table. Honestly, I don’t think these rankings are going to tell much of a story until all teams have played one v or two games. Still… I’ll take it!”
Philadelphia Fusion writer

5. Shanghai Dragons

Last week: #5 (no change)

“With the issues plaguing China, Shanghai and all the Chinese teams are in a rough spot. Currently, the Dragons don’t have a scheduled game until Week 6 of the Overwatch League. While the team has lost the homestand advantage, they’ll also get to watch as the meta (including hero pools) evolves in the opening weeks without putting their own record on the line. With how nebulous the top positions are looking already, it makes sense to leave Shanghai at #5 with no on-stage performances to look at and the lack of information surrounding some of their games this season.”
Shanghai Dragon writer

4. Atlanta Reign

Last week: #4 (no change)

“With the first season of the Atlanta Reign in the books, a new dawn approaches. After a rather remarkable first season the Reign look to keep raining on the other team’s parades. While they have lost a few players, their core remains intact. The Reign finished the last year at 6th overall and this came as a shock to most. They had an up and down season, but really came into their own during stage 4 going 7-0.

Looking forward into next season, it is hard to not justify the Reign as 4th among the teams in the power rankings. They have a solid tank line of Gator, Pokpo, frd and Hawk. An impeccable DPS core of Erster, babybay, Edison and SharP. Then, add a very strong support line of Dogman and Masaa, it is a recipe for success. If they can keep pace with how they played in stage 4 of last season, they will be a force to be reckoned with and push their way to the top of the league. “

Atlanta Reign writer

3. Vancouver Titans

Last week: #3 (no change)

“I think its pretty fair, Titans have kept their strong roster for the most part but have sacrificed some chemistry in exchange for higher skill players. Once the team faces some stronger opponents we’ll learn whether they can still stand up to the other juggernauts.”
Vancouver Titans writer


Last week: #2 (no change)

“After a dominating weekend, the NYXL have maintained their spot in our power rankings. While teams are looking either better or worse than expected, New York looks exactly as advertised. The best players of the weekend were the new guys. Off-tank Hotba had 14 self destruct kills on Saturday alone, and Flex DPS WhoRU set up several team fight wins with freezes, and even an occasional dragon blade for old time’s sake. However, the only way we can get the #1 spot would be a falter by the current #1 team.”
NYXL writer

1. San Francisco Shock

Last week: #1 (no change)

“While their opening game may not have been as dominant as we would have expected, the San Francisco Shock are on top until proven otherwise. While NYXL and the Titans both put up stellar performances this weekend, simply more data is needed for any argument to place them above the reigning champs. Until then, let’s look at what we have. Although the Shock ended their map win streak in their 3-1 victory over the Fuel, there are a lot of things to be excited about as a Shock fan. This is Striker’s meta, as his Tracer, Reaper, and McCree are among the best in the world. Super, Choi, and Moth haven’t lost their touch, and Architect seems to be performing well outside of his normal role. The only liability at the moment seems to be Sinatraa’s Mei, which he himself has acknowledged as needing work. When he got the chance to play his comfort picks though, he popped off on an MVP level again.”
San Francisco Shock writer

With the Philadelphia homestand happening this weekend and many teams playing their first match, expect more movement next week. Who will rise and who will fall? Stay tuned. Either way, expect the spiciness to continue!

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